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    Jan 23, 2014

    Friday day games at Wrigley when they play the Cardinals or Reds are perfect. I work during the day so can't see the afternoon game live anyway. So I avoid sports sites on Fridays when they play, then watch the game delayed Friday evening. Which is allowed under blackout rules.

    Who would have ever have thought that visiting a satellite forum would disclose this information before I got a chance to watch it![/QUOTE]
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    Not quite sure what you mean. Many MVPDs itemize a separate RSN add-on fee which they charge to all of their subs who have a package that includes RSNs. Not every MVPD does this (e.g. AT&T TV isn't doing it for new contract-free subs) but many of the largest do, including Comcast, Charter and DirecTV. Verizon FiOS TV used to, not sure if they break it out any more. The RSN fee varies a bit from one MVPD to another and even from one area to another on the same MVPD. But recent figures I've seen across major providers are typically in the $8 to $11 per month range. DTV says theirs is "up to $9.99/mo".

    Breaking the RSN fee out from the rest of the cable TV bill has nothing to do with offering the RSN on a la carte basis. None of those MVPDs do that. On Comcast, if you have the Extra or higher package, you get your RSN(s) and cannot avoid paying the separate RSN fee (just like you can't avoid paying the separate broadcast TV fee for your locals). On DirecTV, if you have the Choice or higher package, it's the same deal.

    The way the MVPDs explain their regional sports fee is that, well, it's going to pay for the RSN that's part of your package. Now, I suppose it's possible that the MVPD is actually paying a little more or less than that figure for whichever RSNs they're giving you but it shouldn't be substantially different. Here's the language Comcast uses to explain the fee:

    The Regional Sports Network Fee is an itemized charge that you'll see on your bill. This charge is not a government-mandated fee and will increase from time to time. It's based on our costs of providing the regional sports networks that we carry on our cable systems in each area. These costs include the fees that regional sports networks charge us to carry them on our cable systems, which are among our largest increasing costs. The Regional Sports Network Fee is not included in our promotional pricing or pricing under your minimum-term agreement and can increase during your promotion or minimum-term. You'll receive advance notice before an increase takes effect.
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    Oh shoot sorry. Still worth it to watch it though.
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    Jan 23, 2014
    Don't worry about. I'm just messing with you. Although I do try to avoid the score when I'm watching it later, on occasion I have accidentally stumbled upon the score before watching it.
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    And free if you have T-Mobile.
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    There's a particular statement in the article that gives me pause about how subscribers get to see all of their home team's games. I was thinking that they must be subject to blackouts.
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    This service would stream the local RSN. They typically have the in-market rights to the home team. My caveat is to verify that Balley’s has the streaming rights. I’d be surprised if they didn’t.

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