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BBC America HD Coming?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Programming' started by davidrumm, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. TenaciousBuzz

    TenaciousBuzz Cool Member

    Mar 31, 2008
    I find myself laughing at jokes on this show, even though I have no idea what they are talking about.


    Jeremy will introduce The Stig by saying something like: "Some say his face is as leathery as (insert random British Actor's name)'s handbag." And I'll crack up, while I have no idea who the person is. It's really strange.

    My wife even likes it, but she won't admit it. She finds their fascination w/ turning cars into boats odd. LOL.

    Ramsey's shows are entertaining, as well, but Top Gear is appointment viewing for me.
  2. CKNAV

    CKNAV Godfather

    Dec 26, 2005

    50i is not considerded PAL HD. There is no such thing as PAL or NTSC HD. PAL and NTSC are really only composite analog video. SD is also not PAL or NTSC. It is digital component video. Video originated at 50i is digitally converted to 59.94i. 25p origianted programming is either converted digitally or slowed by 4% to 23.98 and 2:3 pulldown is applied. European movies for theatrical presentation are always 24fps. However many european TV shows and movies are shot 25fps.
  3. Gary*W*

    Gary*W* Legend

    Sep 19, 2007
    I've gotten hooked on "Top Gear" as well.

    There's a pretty good sketch comedy show called "That Mitchell and Webb Look" that's I've gotten hooked on.

    I saw the BBC Americia promo on T101 and I do watch "Robin Hood".

    I watch a ton of stuff on BBC America : "Dr. Who", "Torchwood", "Graham Norton", "Top Gear", "Robin Hood", "Mitchell & Webb", "Life on Mars", "MI5" and a couple more. But of that list how many are actually produced in HD?

    As far as I know only "Torchwood" and "Robin Hood" are in HD.

    I'd like to see a few more hours of actuall HD programming before they light up BBC America HD.

    Try watching "Dr. Who" on Sci-Fi HD letter boxed in 4:3 it's kinda lame next to the widescreen SD.
  4. Redlinetire

    Redlinetire Icon

    Jul 24, 2007
    No guarantees that DirecTV will carry the HD channel.

    They said that they'd have RFD-HD and it has yet to light up...

    SPACEMAKER Freethinker

    Dec 11, 2007
    Mason, MI
    I've been watching that as well. Pretty hit or miss but the funny stuff makes up for the skits that miss the mark.

    Seeing that show and the Ramsey shows in HD would be nice.

    If/when BBC America and Travel go HD on D* I will be pleased.
  6. tonyd79

    tonyd79 Hall Of Fame

    Jul 24, 2006
    Columbia, MD
    Except that they are previewing it on the 101.

    Also, when D11 goes live, I bet you will see the RFD channel in HD pretty quickly.

    Believe it or not, they need D11 to continue growing HD both nationally and locally.
  7. Redlinetire

    Redlinetire Icon

    Jul 24, 2007
    I know they need D11. I have the baseball package. :lol:
  8. oldcrooner

    oldcrooner Godfather

    Feb 23, 2004
    I posted this several days ago in another discussion. It was received 4/5.


    Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate your interest in seeing BBC America in High Definition and are thrilled to report that we hope to launch this channel in 2008. At this time, an exact launch date is not available, but please rest assured that we are working tirelessly to bring you this service in the very near future.

    We thank you again for your interest and continued support.

    Viewer Relations
    BBC America

    End quote.
  9. Ed Campbell

    Ed Campbell Hall Of Fame

    Feb 17, 2006
    Most Brit and Euro widecreen is shot in 576i - watch SPEED's coverage of F1, this weekend, to see how it looks. It's better than DVD.

    Dr. Who is filmed that way; but, I've been told a number of recent series [Wire in the Blood, I hope, I hope] are offered in true HD.

    I holler at BBCA about once a month, trying to speed them up...

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