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Be A Light

Discussion in 'Archive' started by -, Nov 19, 2001.

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    supposed to go in the "Laughter is the best medicine" forum...

    Are you one of those guys that forwards all those dumb jokes, patriotic claptrap and "Deb's Fun Pages" all over the web???

    Knock it off!!!
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    GET A LIFE TROLL :mad: Go spam yourself"Spaminator" :lol:
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    Spaminator , since its not a joke there is no need for it to go in the joke forum. Could we please respect each other?

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    I guess Spam guy just saw it was an external URL and automaticly thought it was a joke, if he / she would have looked they would have seen this was not the case.

    potpourri is where this post should be and thats where it is, no harm no foul.

    Seeing as how we don't want to debate this I will now close this thread to prevent things from getting out of hand.



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