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Best way to send HD receiver feed to 2 televisions

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Installation/MDU Discussion' started by milton, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. milton

    milton Cool Member

    Mar 12, 2011
    I have enough Directv receivers, but I have more TVs than receivers, located in various places throughout the house. I don't feel like paying $6 more per month for each television when I'm never watching that many receivers at once. (I have a sports setup downstairs with multiple TVs for watching at one time, but those receivers are only used when others around the rest of the house aren't being watched, so I feel like I'm wasting $6 per month for each.)

    So my question: what are your thoughts on the various options that I have?

    I know there are some options. One such option is a wireless transmitter --- how good are those between floors? Which is the best?

    Another option is running HDMI cable throughout the house, but the house is wired really only for coaxial. I know of the HDMI over coax option. It is pricey, but does it work?

    Or is there some new product that is coming out soon that will solve this problem that is worth waiting for?
  2. longrider

    longrider Well-Known Member DBSTalk Club

    Apr 21, 2007
    Elizabeth, CO
    I have not been very impressed with the wireless transmitters. As you said HDMI over coax is rather expensive but it does work. HDMI over CAT5 is much more economical but you would have to pull the cables. Short runs you can just pull the HDMI cable. In reality you have 2 options, HDMI over coax or pull cables, I would not consider the wireless myself
  3. dobok

    dobok Mentor

    Feb 7, 2010
    I did the hdmi over Cat5 and it works awesome. I had my walls open at the time though. It was from monoprice !!!
  4. Laxguy

    Laxguy Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense.

    Dec 2, 2010
    An option: acquire (as in own outright) some low tech (older) receivers to put in those seldom used places, then deactivate them when not in use. Obviously, that depends on how often that'd be if that'd work for you
  5. peds48

    peds48 Genius.

    Jan 10, 2008
    A DirecTV receiver costs $72 a year. A good HDMI to cat 5 is about $100 at least. buy a couple of them, and it would be more costly then having receivers. at least it would take 3 years to come out even
  6. milton

    milton Cool Member

    Mar 12, 2011
    Thanks for the input. If there was a $100-$130 option, I think it would be worth it. That would break even with about 1-2 years of a receiver. But it doesn't appear that exists for my situation given that I can't run CAT5 cable in the house (easily).

    Is there any new technology on the short-term horizon that will likely solve this problem? Relatedly, why is HDMI over Coax so expensive? Does one company have a patent or something?

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