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Beware of Directv Reps bearing gifts

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by eweiner1, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. eweiner1

    eweiner1 Mentor

    Dec 17, 2006
    So I call up Directv to find out about a Genie upgrade. Wow...was I suprised when the rep told me that I could get an upgrade to a HR-44 at no charge. The only requirement was to commit to another 2 year extension. Whatever.

    So the installer comes today with a HR-34 instead of an HR-44. Not much of a difference but a critical one for me. No optical output on the HR-34. And my amplifier only has optical inputs. What is with Directv engineering? Needless to say I'm on the phone right now with a person from the "Office of the President" venting to them. Did Directv save five cents by not including an optical output on the HR-34?

    Just venting.
  2. Bill Broderick

    Bill Broderick Icon

    Aug 25, 2006
    Long Island
  3. The Merg

    The Merg 1*

    Jun 24, 2007
    Northern VA
    A DirecTV CSR can't promise a specific Genie model (as you found out). As for the lack of optical output on the HR34, it seems DirecTV realized they messed up as they had it added in when they designed the HR44.

    - Merg
  4. gov

    gov Legend

    Jan 11, 2013
    I've encountered format changes from coax to optical and vice versa on DirecTV and Motorola and Scientific Atlanta cable boxes.

    It's frustrating to a home owner to have a new box show up and it turns out to not be a 'wire for wire' swap out.

    And if an AV receiver does have the correct 'other' jack, it is still a foray into the setup menu to get the receiver coordinated with the new signal.

    It's not just a 12 dollar adapter, it's realizing one is needed and where to get it, or re-configuring to use the other form. I haven't encountered a huge problem with a sound bar yet with this issue, but I can well imagine at some point I am going to encounter some bizzaro CF.

    I feel it in my bones.

  5. Old_School

    Old_School Legend

    Nov 28, 2011
    Sounds like there is a CSR that need to go back to training... it's been posted here and on Directv's website for years that they don't guarantee certain models... it should have been a red flag when a 44 was promised.
  6. CCarncross

    CCarncross Hall Of Fame

    Jul 19, 2005
    HDMI eliminates the whole mess........just saying... :righton:
  7. sangs

    sangs AllStar

    Apr 2, 2008
    NE New Jersey
    And can open up a whole can of other messes. :)
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  8. gov

    gov Legend

    Jan 11, 2013
    If the AV receiver is HDMI equipped. (and appropriately software updated)

    There is quite a bit of old (but still serviceable) equipment out there.

    If I get time, I am replacing an MCS receiver later this week, precisely because their system needs a digital audio input of some kind. I wouldn't even guess how many technical generations out of date that old receiver is, but it still works, and after it is replaced, I have someone who needs it.
  9. grecorj

    grecorj Legend

    Jan 20, 2008
    A bit of a pain, but you could have refused delivery from the installer and rescheduled when installer had an HR-44 available. Some installers will work with you on this - or so I've read.
  10. 242424

    242424 AllStar

    Mar 22, 2012
    Should have just sent him to his next appointment. :)
  11. peds48

    peds48 Genius.

    Jan 10, 2008
    and why is the lack of optical DirecTV's fault and not the fault of the AV receiver by not having coax???? Just sayin....
  12. SledgeHammer

    SledgeHammer Icon

    Dec 28, 2007
    The two year contract is not the only thing thats required. You also get to pay an extra $3/mo for the genie. MRV fee. Even if you have only one box.
  13. dpeters11

    dpeters11 Hall Of Fame

    May 30, 2007
    That extra fee doesn't apply to everyone, newer customers have the $25 fee with it already included, so might as well use it.
  14. iceturkee

    iceturkee DINFOS Trained Killer

    Apr 1, 2007
    i've done that before and let me tell you the installer wasn't happy. but he complied.
  15. joed32

    joed32 Hall Of Fame

    Jul 27, 2006
  16. SledgeHammer

    SledgeHammer Icon

    Dec 28, 2007
    If you are a newer customer, yeah, you don't have any choice about getting screwed. If you are a customer > a few months old, you can at least only get optionally screwed. For those customers, a non genie DVR is $10 HD + $10 DVR + an optional $3 for genie and/or MRV. New customers pay an extra $5 for MRV / Genie / Whatever. So yeah, get the Genie in that case.

    About time DirecTV screwed the new customers and left us old timers alone. DirecTV usually does business the other way around. Screw the long time customers in favor of new ones. Like that whole free HD for life thing....
  17. CCarncross

    CCarncross Hall Of Fame

    Jul 19, 2005
    It isnt like you havent kicked that dead horse enough already....for someone so unhappy and vocal about it, there are other providers....
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  18. jasondm4

    jasondm4 Mentor

    Mar 4, 2010
    League City, TX
    Maybe you shouldn't have got an amp that only has optical inputs...Directv added it back to the HR44.
  19. SledgeHammer

    SledgeHammer Icon

    Dec 28, 2007
    Are there? Everybody charges pretty much the same price. I certainly don't use the DirecTV features that I deem unworthy of my hard earned $$$ such as MRV, Protection Plan, PPV, movie channels, VOD, porn, sports packages, etc. I DID use a few of those features when I felt they were reasonably priced and there were no better alternatives.

    A brotha just wants to watch TV (NOT sports) and have a DVR that can record OTA (built in) :)... only a matter of time before DTV starts charging me a rental fee for the remote control, the batteries inside of it and the power cord to my DVR.

    When DTV told me I would be charged an extra $3/mo for a slightly better DVR, I said no thanks.

    I feel a reasonable price for the service & features I get / use is around $70/mo... not a $100 a month.
  20. davidgcet

    davidgcet New Member

    Jul 28, 2013
    my AV system has optical but my HR-34 does not. No big deal to me, I simply use the HDMI to the TV then the optical out from the TV to the AV system. No issues at all with sync or quality. As a matter of a fact previously I used optical out of the old D* units and had audio out of sync with the video.

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