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Big Congratulations to our 2nd DBSTalk Godfather!

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by -, Feb 12, 2002.

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  1. Guest

    Congratulations, John C for being the 2nd user to reach the hallowed status of DBSTalk Godfather!
  2. Guest

    *steps up to podium*

    LOL....:D . I'm flattered !! :rollin:

    *give me a moment, I'm at a loss of words*

    Ok, its quit an honor here to obtain this......hehehe.

    Only thing I can say is your probably in trouble now. I've lost my broadband connect over a year ago and I can't game anymore, my wife tells me im now 'geeking out' on something new 'DBS'. She laughed at me for being so excited about watching the Tech Forum last night. Just wait till I really now what I'm talking about. :D

    Really though....it has been an education.
    As long as I can stop in , maybe help someone, smile and laugh, I'll keep coming back. :)

  3. Guest

    Congrads John, wow over 200 posts in just over a month.

    Thats what its all about.
  4. Guest

    I get the same thing from my wife John. Anytime one of the forums comes on, she rolls her eyes and heads for one of the other tvs in the house. That's ok, though...she doesn't really care how everything works - just that it does. That's how I was able to convince her that we *really* needed to get an HDTV! After seeing one, she agreed.
  5. Guest

    Congrats John!
  6. Guest

    Hey only 4 more for you Gummy :)
  7. Guest

    I just noticed that with this thread. And now, CONGRATS TO MYSELF!
  8. Guest

    Congratulations Gummy, glad to see your still around. :)
  9. Guest

    I'm so close too. LOL. If only I was like the Godfather on WWF TV, that would be great. :)
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