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Billing Error?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by OTAHDFORME, Aug 1, 2010.


    OTAHDFORME New Member

    Jul 13, 2010
    My recent work order was created for the purpose of replacing my dish and two active receivers. I don't know why they used "movers connection" unless that was the only way retention could enter the work order and get it to achieve what they wanted.

    It included Whole-Home DVR upgrade with ICK, as well a "Movers Connection" special of 3 months free STARZ/SHOWTIME.

    When I called back and questioned them about the charge that immediately appeared in my Recent Activity for Starz!/Showtime, I was told that there should be a credit in the next billing cycle. I may be premature in worrying about this, but I don't think anyone looked closely enough at the work order to determine that it may have been entered incorrectly.

    The order was placed on 7/15/10 and STARZ/SHOWTIME was activated at that time, instead of at the time of the "installation" which surprised me.

    Even after the install was completed on 7/29/10, I am still not seeing any "activity" on my account that would be an indication of this "free" Movers Connection special being added to my account.

    I am really concerned that the two line items on the original Work Order messed things up. It seems that instead of just using a line item for the Movers Connection special of Free STARZ!/SHOW, the CSR actually added an additional line item to add the regular (billable) STARZ!/SHOW programming to my account.

    Can anyone confirm my interpretation of the Work Order and the subsequent activity on my account, being an indication that I am not currently set up to be getting STARZ!/SHOW for free for 3 months?

    Work Order

    DIRECTV DVR Service 1
    STARZ!, SHOW 1
    DVR Service 1
    We appreciate your loyalty. 1
    Movers Special Offer _STARZ/SHOWTIME for 3 Mos Q4 B100218/12 1
    Whole-Home DVR Service 1
    HD Access 1
    DIRECTV® HD DVR (Expanded HD Prog. Capable) $199.00 1 $199.00
    DIRECTV® HD Rec. (Expanded HD Prog. Capable) Free 1 Free
    Sales Order Credit ($19.95) 1 ($19.95)
    Professional Installation Free 1 Free
    DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR Upgrade w/Internet Connection Kit $99.00 1 $99.00
    Movers With Commitment Free 1 Free
    Handling $19.95
    Standard Professional Install Free
    Tax $24.59
    Order Total $322.59

    Recent Activity

    07/15/2010 $19.95 Delivery and Handling - SalesOrderCredit ($19.95) ($1.65)
    07/15/2010 XXXXXXXX2985 $19.95 Delivery and Handling - Charge $19.95 $1.65
    07/15/2010 XXXXXXXX2985 MultiRoom Upgrade/Internet Kit - Charge $99.00 $6.19
    07/15/2010 XXXXXXXX2985 HD-DVR Upgrade - Charge $199.00 $16.42
    07/15/2010 XXXXXXXX2985 TOTAL CHOICE PLUS - Gen Reten CR ($99.00) ($6.19)
    07/15/2010 XXXXXXXX2985 TOTAL CHOICE PLUS - Gen Reten CR ($199.00) ($12.44)
    07/15/2010 XXXXXXXX2985 STARZ and SHOWTIME - Charge $15.20 $0.95 <-- hasn't this made the following "Movers Special" line item useless?
    07/15/2010 XXXXXXXX2985 Movers Special Offer - Charge $0.00 $0.00
  2. jackten

    jackten Mentor

    Jul 7, 2009
    The Movers Connection Line item should begin as a monthly credit for 24 next month. you should get 3 full credits of 24. and the partial charges will happen if things change within your billing cycle. if you take the services off the account after 3 mos from adding them, in sum, you will have had the correct amount of charges and credits to make everything free for stz/show

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