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BUG REPORT: Odd OTA Recording problem with 6-1 and 8-1

Discussion in 'Other HD Receiver Support Forum (811, 921, 942)' started by Allen Noland, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. Allen Noland

    Allen Noland New Member

    Apr 23, 2002
    I have tried several different ways of doing it but no mater what I do my 921 will not record local DTV 6-1 or 8-1. I can record 2-1, 23-1, 42-1 without any problems. 6-1 and 8-1 are over 100 on the signal strength meter. Here is a weird thing. Before L1.45 any timer I programmed for 6-1 would record channel 262 (Angle). The first couple of times I couldn't figure out why. Then I was looking at the timer screen (option 7 on the main menu). If I select a timer on that screen none of the local digital channels show the correct channel. They all map to a channel in the 200's.
    2-1 maps to 258
    6-1 maps to 262
    8-1 maps to 264
    23-1 maps to 279
    41-1 maps to 297

    I wonder since these channels (262 is angle, 264 is wisdom ) are real channles if this is why I cannot use timer events on them. If look at the timer from the DVR button they show the correct channels (6-1, 8-1, etc.).

    With L1.42 it would record the 262 channel, with L1.45 it doesn't record anything. All recordings from 6-1 and 8-1 end up 0 seconds. The light comes on during the recording. If you try to view the recording while it is in progress it will take you to the live channel (correct one) but you cannot skip forward or back.

    Another odd deal with 6-1 and 8-1 is on the timer channel selection screen. They both show up twice. Both of these channels have sub channels, but 6-2 and 8-2 are in the selection already.

    Boot Version: 120B
    Flash Version: F051
    SW Version: L145HECD-N
  2. Allen Noland

    Allen Noland New Member

    Apr 23, 2002
    Called Dishnetwork about this problem Sunday night. Talked to Advanced tech support. They didn't have any record of this problem so no one else has noticed it and knowone for Dishnetwork saw my post here or the other site. Anyway, they are looking in to it.

    She did tell me that the Channel numbers I described above are generated from the call letters assigned to the channel.

    I also mentioned the aspec ratio issues. She wasn't aware of those problems either. I told her it would be nice if the stretch mode was user definable and that the grey bar on SD needs to cover all the black bars.

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