Bye Bye Fox Family!

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    I have learned that this Saturday November 10th Fox Family is going away forever.

    Well the name is anyways. This Saturday Fox Family becomes ABC Family.

    There will be no changes in programs untill January then ABC will mix up the programming a bit.

    I can only hope that since ABC is Disney owned that they would show some classic Disney Cartoon which are no longer shown on Toon Disney or the Disney Channel.

    FOX did a good job over the past few weeks pumping up Fox family with the Major League Baseball playoff coverage.

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    Fox drove the Family Channel into the ground! The programing (with the exception of MLB) was terrible in comparison to what CBN had. Even with the religious programming some loathe, CBN's Family channel was much better.

    I just hope that ABC/Disney use their vast library of family friendly programming along with some original programming.

    BTW Classic disney cartoons can be seen just about daily on the "Ink and Paint Club" in the wee hours on the Disney Channel.

    See ya
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    I have got to Dishplayer the INk And Paint Club then. I am off to Disney World in 2 weeks! My son has no idea who the Disney characters are except for the ones who wer ein movies recently. Would you believe that he didnt know Mickey Mouse was in cartoons?!

    Anyone know anything about watching the Space Shuttle launch? I will be in the area when the next one goes off on the 28th and I am thinking of taking a drive from Orlando to see it in person.

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    There is absolutely NOTHING like it in the world! It's worth 10 e-tcket rides. I'm saying this eventhough the only time I was there for a launch I saw and heard the main engines fire for 3 seconds before the computers shut the thing down with 1 second remaining on the countdown. The launch was scrubbed for a week. This was also the second day. The previous day's attempt was stopped by the same computer with 31 seconds remaining on the count-down.

    From what I've been told by locals, you can see and hear the shuttle going up from the Magic Kingdom. Well, actually a trail of water vapor and a distant rushing thundery sound anyway.

    If you visit the Kennedy Space Center on Cape Canaveral (Had to say that. It's not called Cape Kennedy any more if it ever REALLY was :) ) the day before the launches, they usually have a line where up to X amount of people (varies) are given passes to watch the launch from the Space Center (Not the VIP/Press platform we see on TV). Otherwise, no one is allowed on the KSC grounds the day of the launch. However, many people drive down the causeway as far as they can get to the gate and pull off the side. You can't see the shuttle from there, but you're close.

    What I did the second day was near the beach in Titusville and hang out at the riverbank with a few hundred of my closest friends. If you have high powered binoculars, you can see the top of the shuttle's external fuel tank. When the engines fired up for 3 seconds, it took about 30 seconds for the loud rushing sound to reach where I was. So you know you're about 5-7 miles out. I was told by the locals that other than the VIP stands, this "riverbank" was the best place for a launch. But of course it was by people who were there with me. So..."it's the best because I'M here" could be a distinct possibility. I did get to see wild life galore though. While waiting on the launch attempt, on the river bank (in NY they would call it a sound, but who's counting) I saw several bottle-nosed dolphins frolicking (actually having a feast on a school of fish about a quarter mile from me), Two Manitees and enough flying fish to keep Flipper happy for a while.

    If the launch is scrubbed for whatever reason, KSC remains closed to the public until the scrub team has cleared the shuttle and there is no danger of those gigantic tanks and solid rocket boosters exploding on the ground. For me, the first day it was an hour later. The second day it was close to three hours later since the engines did fire for a brief while.

    BTW, did you know that the Beeline Expressway corridor is going to be used for the nation's first commercial Mag-Lev train? It's supposed to go from The Disney area, through Orlando to the KSC. This train rides on "air". It is magnetically levitated and propelled. It should be completed by 2007 if the schedule holds.

    See ya

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