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Cable Error Of The Day: Wrestlemania 18 for $3.99

Discussion in 'TV Show Talk' started by -, Mar 6, 2002.

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    Granted it will be corrected, but I had to share this with ya. I ordered Wrestlemania 18 from Insight Digital Cable with my remote control. I got the confirmation message and it said "You have ordered Wrestlemania X-8 for $3.99 plus tax. Confirm this order? Yes or Cancel". I pressed 'Yes'.

    I called Insight about this mixup and they said that I was the first to report this (maybe its because it was just available today for ordering) and will report this mixup and have this corrected. This was at 11am. I checked at 3:30pm and its still listed as $3.99.

    You may wonder what the actual price of the Wrestlemania 18 is. It's $39.99. If I actually do get the PPV at $3.99 (the chances of that happening are the same as Ozzy Osbourne singing Barry Manilow songs for a living) it will be the bargain of the lifetime.

    I will be keeping my fingers crossed that I actually get Wrestlemania 18 without any problems. I ordered Moulin Rouge, WWF No Way Out, and Scary Movie 2 without any difficulties. However, American Pie 2 (I tried to get it recorded, but both times it was unaccessable even though I ordered them and the account is in good standing) was torture to watch.
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    I saw American Pie 2 last night for the first time (I purchased the DVD when it fist came out but last night was the first time I had a chance to view it.) I laughed my butt of especially in the umm GLUE scene.

    I have not decided where I will order WrestleMania yet, I can get it from Cable, Dish or DirecTV. Because I through a big WrestleMania party each year I want the best picture possible. I usualy choose Analog Cable as its the best looking out of the bunch. I wonder how long it will be till my local cable company turns off their Analog PPV channels. This years show will mark the 15th year all my friends have watched WrestleMania with me, the first show we all watch was WrestleMania III it was the first pay per view shows available to us via cable.

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    Wow, nice catch Brian. :)
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    I still checked a few minutes ago and its still listed priced at $3.99 + Tax. Imagine if others bought the PPV and was only charged the low price..lol. I still say that it will be corrected before the bills get printed...but you never know. Knowing cable's record, they just might charge that low price to all in the Anderson/Pendleton, Indiana area who ordered the WWFE PPV (and then make it up the next month by charging an additional 36 bucks to cover the mixup).
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    Isn't there a law somewhere that says they have to sell it to you at that price because it was marked that way when purchased?
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    If it is a screen display, you should take a picture of it. If it shows on your bill $39.99, send them $3.99 and a copy of the picture.

    Never understood the whole WWF thing, but they are experts in marketing!

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