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Can I split output from HR24?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by gss1537, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. gss1537

    gss1537 Mentor

    Aug 23, 2010
    First- I would like to split the output from my bedroom TV to show the same thing as my TV in the study. I looked and the HR24s don't have Coax ports so is it possible to have the same output showing on my bedroom TV as the TV in the study? I already have a coaxial cable drop going to my tv i the study now so I was hoping to just be able to run a coax splitter but looks like I won't be able to do that now....

    Second- if it is possible, would the remote be able to change the channels if the tv in the study is about 50 feet away from the tv in the bedroom?
    Would I need to buy a separate remote?

  2. carl6

    carl6 Moderator Staff Member DBSTalk Club

    Nov 15, 2005
    Seattle, WA
    To get HD at the second tv you need to run component video or hdmi. Coax will let you run SD but you will need to get an rf modulator and connect it to the composite video output of your dvr.
  3. Carl Spock

    Carl Spock Superfly

    Sep 3, 2004
    All of the outputs are live, gss1537, so while you can't split, I'd recommend you use one of them.

    You don't say but it sounds like you want a SD output. Is this correct? If that's the case, I'd just get a cheap modulator you could attach to the composite video and stereo audio outputs of your HR24. Here's a Belkin one for $12.95 from Amazon. You could then send this down a piece of coax to the other room.

    The remote in the RF mode probably won't go that far so I'd use the Xantech Xtra Link2 for about $60-80, depending on where you buy it. It will send the IR remote commands down the coax from your other room back to the HR24. This piece has probably been in their line for 30 years.
  4. Carl Spock

    Carl Spock Superfly

    Sep 3, 2004
    To post advice in this thread, your name must be carl.
  5. gss1537

    gss1537 Mentor

    Aug 23, 2010
    I'll take two Carl's over no Carl's anyday... Thanks.

    My TV in the study is just a SD TV so the modulator seems to be the thing to get. I'll probably have to test the remote once I get up and running.

    Actually my TV in the bedroom is SD but I wanted the HR24 to allow more record time.

    I figure I have until Black Friday to convince the wife we could use a 32" LCD HD TV in the bedroom.

    Thanks for your input and advice. Greg
  6. bakers12

    bakers12 ΔS > 0

    May 29, 2007
    Chicago -...
    If the TV can accept s-video, consider something from this page.
  7. Sep 7, 2010 #7 of 23

    gss1537 Mentor

    Aug 23, 2010
    I just got my install done over weekend so now I can visual see what outputs I have on the receiver. My TV 3 is very old so it just has composite inputs and coax.

    The tech connected the HR24 via composite cables to my TV2.
    Do I disconnect that from TV and plug into the modulator and then split coax to the TV2and then my TV 3? Or

    I noticed my TV2 has composite "OUT" ports available so would I connect the modulator to that with composite cables and then run coaxial to my TV3?

    The tech claimed it wasn't possible to watch same thing from my TV2 to TV3 but I figure he just wanted me to get another box for that room....
  8. Sep 7, 2010 #8 of 23

    mdavej Hall Of Fame

    Jan 30, 2007
    I'd split it first. Odds are TV2 would have to be on for its OUT to work, plus the PQ will probably take a hit. Better yet, use s-video if TV2 can handle it. The fewer splits and devices in the mix, the better.
  9. Sep 7, 2010 #9 of 23

    raoul5788 Guest

    May 13, 2006
    You probably have an rf modulator in your closet. It's called a vcr. Just connect the composite outputs from the dvr to the inputs on the vcr. Then use the coax out to the tv. Make sure to set the tv to the same channel as the output on the vcr.
  10. drpjr

    drpjr Icon

    Nov 23, 2007
    It seems the issue boils down to you needing 2 composite outs from the HR24 and the HR24 only having one. "If" your TV2 has component inputs you could switch to that and use the composite for the modulator. You would still have to "split the audio out from the HR24 for the TV2 and modulator. If TV2 does not have component inputs you have what appears to be two choices:

    1. Split the composite A/V outs from the HR24 and run them to TV2 and the modulator or

    2. Daisy chain A/V through your TV2 into the modulator and then coax to TV3

    mdavej explained those issues with #2 very well.
    Good advice. Also gss1537 a VCR can substitute for the modulator if you have one. Not as pettite but free.
  11. gss1537

    gss1537 Mentor

    Aug 23, 2010
    Thanks for all the advice and VCR as modulator tip. I actually already have a dvd/combo vcr hooked up to the TV2. Now I just need to run coax to the TV3.

    On second thought, my TV2 does accept S-Video so can I use the S-Video output AND composite outputs from the HR24 at the same time to the two different TV's?
  12. Newshawk

    Newshawk Hall Of Fame

    Sep 3, 2004
    In that case, get two of the RCA-M to RCA-F "Y" adapters from wherever you can find them cheapest and use them for the audio outputs on the HR24. One set of cables goes into the audio outs on TV2, the other goes to the RF modulator for TV3 (which can be a dedicated one or your VCR/DVD-just remember it has to stay on to feed TV3). Also get a S-Video cable (if you don't have one or didn't get one in the cable pack with the HR24) to connect to TV2. Hook everything up and Bob's your uncle! (I've been wanting to use that in a post.)
  13. gss1537

    gss1537 Mentor

    Aug 23, 2010
    I finally got around to getting the Belkin RF modulater from Amazon and got it installed today. Now the problem, like mentioned earlier, is my remote will not operate on my 3rd TV. I thought I could just take the remote from my bedroom tv to my 3rd tv in my office and it would work, but no luck.

    Any suggestions?
  14. seamonkeys1

    seamonkeys1 Cool Member

    Aug 14, 2010
    Do you have the remote in RF mode?

    If it is in IR mode it will not work in the other room because there is no line of sight. to change it to RF go to menu/ setup/system setup/remote control
  15. gss1537

    gss1537 Mentor

    Aug 23, 2010
    I will try that tonight with changing the settings on the remote. I've seen talk about IR/RF mode but never knew how that came into play.

  16. NewForceFiveFan

    NewForceFiveFan Legend

    Apr 23, 2010
    I've got my HR24 connected to the living room tv with hdmi cable and then feed the composite output into an rf modulator for the 13" tv down in the basement that is rf only. Unfortunately, and I don't know if it's the rf modulator doing it or the HR24, but all the HD channels get squished sideways causing a beanpole effect (opposite of 4:3 stretch-o-vision on an hdtv). Channels that are SD like the Encore movie channels, along with all the SD-Duplicates of HD channels are formatted properly. I've even tried changing the aspect ratio setup from widescreen to standard and it has no effect. The only solution that works is I have to unhide the SD-Duplicates and watch those channels instead of their HD counterparts.

    If I had to guess I'd say it's a problem in the HR24 not formatting 16:9 to "letterbox" on a standard TV. That rf modulator was previously used to connect a dvd player (set to 4:3 letterbox mode) to the same tv so I don't think the rf modulator is stripping flags from the video signal on conversion to rf. Only twice before have I come across this phenomenon of squishing 16:9 SD/HD content into a 4:3 square: Once was with a home-made dvd of old home movies I was given. On a standard tv it would play in it's proper square shape but on a widescreen it would be pulled stretch-o-vision instead of square with black bars on each side. Unfortunately I wasn't the person who originally recorded it to dvd so I don't know what recorder and record settings were used to make it. The other example I have is my Samsung H.264 AVC HD camcorder when connected to an hdtv via composite cable will show 16:9 correctly but when hooked to a 4:3 standard tv squishes rather than "letterboxing". The owners manual even states it'll do this and that it's not something to worry about. I'm guessing it's a cost savings not to include the circuit to "letterbox" since most people who own an HD camcorder would also theoretically own an hdtv to hook it to. I'll have to try recording something in 4:3 mode and then try to play it on the hdtv to see if it'll black bar the sides or stretch-o-vision it. I kind of find a 4:3 record mode on an hd camcorder to be pointless.
  17. gss1537

    gss1537 Mentor

    Aug 23, 2010
    i made the remote setting change at lunch and all is well. The two rooms are about 40 ft apart and remote worked just fine. All is well and just took the RF modulator and some cuss words in the attic will running cable drops but I was successful.
  18. jimstick

    jimstick AllStar

    Feb 5, 2007
    You're a genius!
  19. TheDurk

    TheDurk Legend

    Mar 8, 2007
    I actually have my VCR set up to modulate 3 DVR's to the SD set in the kitchen. The HR-20 is on Aux 1, the HR21 is on Aux 2, and the R10 SD-DVR (used only for cartoons) has its coax going to Antenna IN. So if the VCR is off, it passes the R10 signal to the kitchen. Pretty useful for a piece of outmoded technology with a broken transport mechanism. Too bad the clock doesn't auto-set anymore since analog TV died. Cheapo RF repeaters let it all be controlled from the kitchen (one DTV remote does both HR's, and the TV remote also can work the VCR.)
  20. sharonpoor

    sharonpoor Guest

    I do see what appears to be an unsynced double image. And yes the TV's 3d setup icon is greyed out. It was my understanding that the TV would only work directly(without adapter) in case the source was in Checkerboard format.

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