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Can the GenieGo work in reverse?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Connected Home' started by rbpeirce, May 4, 2014.

  1. rbpeirce

    rbpeirce Godfather

    Feb 23, 2006
    Assume you have gotten some content from a DVR to your computer using GenieGo. Can you use GenieGo to get content from the computer to a DVR?

    A big DVR problem has been failure and loss of saved content. Nothing I have read yet suggests GenieGo is a way around this but maybe nobody ever asked.

    As I understand it, content saved to your computer is good for 30 days, although I do not understand how that works. If you had some way of setting up something like Apple's TimeMachine you might be able to maintain current content on your computer. If the DVR failed and you could go the other way you could restore it.

    Is that possible? If not, is there any way to keep it from being deleted?
  2. harsh

    harsh Beware the Attack Basset

    Jun 14, 2003
    Salem, OR
    GenieGo is only capable of transcoding from what's on a DVR hard drive to some lesser resolution for storage in its RAM. It cannot do the reverse.

    The problem will only be resolved if DIRECTV decides to key recordings to the account and not the DVR that made them.
  3. rbpeirce

    rbpeirce Godfather

    Feb 23, 2006
    I was afraid of that but hoping.

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