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Cannot Fast Forward Big Ten Network

Discussion in 'Hopper System Support Forum' started by LtMunst, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. LtMunst

    LtMunst Hall Of Fame

    Aug 24, 2005
    When trying to fast forward past commercials on a Big Ten Network recording (college wrestling), all I get is a red button with a line thru it on the screen and no FWD. Is there a new "Feature" allowing a channel to block fast forwarding?
  2. JeffN9

    JeffN9 Legend

    Apr 14, 2007
    This same thing happened to me last night while watching a recording of the Olympics. The Hopper was still recording while we were watching earlier portions of it. We watched part of it on a Joey and then moved to the room where the Hopper was to watch the rest. Everything seemed ok at first then all of a sudden we started getting a red circle with a diagonal line through it when we tried to skip forward through commercials. Finally I had to stop the recording, press start over and fast forward to where we left off. Everything seemed fine then.

    My guess was that watching the first part of a show that was still recording on two different tv's somehow confused the Hopper.
  3. Mike.H_DISHNetwork

    Mike.H_DISHNetwork DISH Representative DISH Representative

    Feb 1, 2011

    [SIZE=medium]When you’re doing this how much time is left in the recorded program? Are you using the Skip or FF button? Will this happen on any other channels/recordings? [/SIZE]


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