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    It gets pretty complicated when one considers the existing All Access content. As explained in the Deadline Hollywood story that is the basis of that Den of Geek story:

    Unlike many other SVOD platforms, All Access also will be able to continue delivering live and on-demand news and sports programming via 200 CBS affiliates. Bakish described a “critical mass of live sports,” calling out exclusive streaming rights to the National Women’s Soccer League and UEFA Champions League soccer. CBS telecasts of NFL games, NCAA basketball and golf have long been a hallmark of CBS All Access, which launched in 2015.​

    As I posted a few minutes ago in the Will pandemic impact boost or hurt (new) streaming services thread, the pandemic is clobbering the old TV content service model which are seeing huge subscriber losses in satellite, cable, and online cable substitutes, in part because of the loss of live sports.

    Adding that Paramount movie content now while creating speculation about how to integrate or offer in the streaming arena content from BET channels, Comedy Central, CMT channels, MTV channels, Logo, Nickelodeon channels, Paramount Network, Pop TV, Smithsonian Channel, TV Land, and VH1, the powers that be at ViacomCBS are waking folks up to what they have to offer in addition to the existing content at both CBS All Access and Showtime.
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    James is right in this you don't need CBS All Access (or an MVPD/vMVPD for that matter) to watch the free clips and the 5 most recent episodes of a show. The sign in for a TV provider is to watch Live TV without CBS All Access. It appears AT&T doesn't have an agreement in place for this feature.

    Now for other TV Everywhere apps that support AT&T (using HBO Go as the example) AT&T has 4 different TV Everywhere authentication type logins depending on the service you have. DirecTV, U-Verse, AT&T TV (used for both AT&T TV and AT&T TV Now) and AT&T Wireless/AT&T Watch TV.
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    The last time I had checked there was no TV provider login at CBS and you could watch recent episodes without even logging in. Admittedly that was quite a while ago before I subscribed to CBS All Access. I wonder if there is any kind of benefit if you do login with a TV provider? Like maybe more OnDemand content but not as much as CBS All Access gives you?
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    The TV provider login only gives you access to stream Live TV if your provider participates.
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    Provider and local affiliate. need to participate for live TV.
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    So the CBS All Access app was updated recently and you can now create profiles. That is the good. The bad is when trying to launch a TV show from the Apple TV Up Next area is that it opens the CBS All Access app and wants you to select a profile. Once you do it never launches the video you wanted to watch. It just stays at the main page for the app. It basically does the same thing the HBOMAX app does except it goes ahead and plays the video after selecting your profile but on the CBS app you have to continue on and manually find the video and launch it yourself which makes the Apple TV Up Next option useless. Anyone else seeing this?
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    I haven't noticed the create a profile choice on my Roku TV CBS All Access app yet.
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    It is there on the ATV box. It actually created the first profile during the update. I have found since I created two more profiles that it now usually does launch the video after selecting the profile but every once in a while it doesn't.
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    The best way to subscribe to CBSAA is through Amazon Channels. You can easily subscribe and cancel for a month at a time through the Amazon website and you can access it through the Prime video app. When I first tried CBSAA, I subscribed directly and had a number of issues. The app on my Samsung TV was buggy and would often hang after a period of inactivity. It also had the annoying "feature" of shrinking the credits to a tiny window (like Netflix on older streaming devices), and there was no way to disable the autoplay. Subscribing through Amazon, everything runs from the Prime Video app and works the same, without any of the annoyances.
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