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Discussion in 'TV Show Talk' started by dpeters11, Sep 19, 2014.

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    I guess I come at this from a different angle. Tradition said Westerns "got old" and they stopped making them... or "super heroes got old" and they stopped for a while... or "nobody likes sci-fi" so that stops for a while... but when we have a bunch of crap comedies do they stop making comedies for years? How about dramas? Do those stop for several years because of a bunch of bad ones?

    No... because they realize that IF they stopped making a genre like that because of a few poor outings, they'd have nothing to sell and show to viewers!

    Unfortunately, they tend to be short-sighted with other genres...

    The problem with super-hero shows is never that it is a super-hero show... The problem is the same problem that plagues ALL of TV and movies... One super-hero show comes on and is good... everybody else tries to copy it... BUT they get it increasingly wrong... thinking that it just needs to be a super-hero show... like when one cop show is good and suddenly there are a dozen bad ones on too! But, when those cop shows fail, nobody concludes that viewers hate cop shows... they go back to the drawing board and make another good one... That's what should happen with westerns, sci-fi, super-heroes, etc.

    We could have a good western on TV right now. People act like they think modern audiences wouldn't watch it... but I guarantee you that a well-written, well-acted one would be watched... then it would be copied 5 times over and those would all fail and we wouldn't see another western on TV for 10 years... because the people making these decisions are often kind of stupid.

    ALL that said... there are flaws with Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow... I have some issues with all of them. I also have issues with lots of the popular comedies and dramas too. I just don't fear as much that my complaints over say the Big Bang Theory will result in no comedies on TV for 10 years like I am about super-heroes or science-fiction shows when they make a misstep.
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    TV is derivative. They invented derivative. And everything is cyclical. This is why so many reboots these days. But it is cyclical for a reason, which is people run out of good ideas, and it takes time to rebuild. And we also get tired of the same stuff, and move on. It takes talent that is prolific to have staying power, and that is rare. It's the same reason a popstar career is short. After a couple years, we've heard all that. You have to be The Beatles or Elton John or the Stones to have longevity, because as well as being talented, they were all also prolific.

    Even the exceptions, like Law & Order, are essentially the same tired story over and over after a few seasons. The Good Wife ended because it wasn't fresh and the writers were burned out, and maybe the fans. But it didn't end because the quality wasn't there, or because the network wasn't happy. As good as it was, it was simply stale. Time to move on.

    I had a room-mate in college that worked at a pizza joint, and the boss left at 3, so every day we went and got free pizza. That lasted about 3 days, because as much as we all love pizza, nobody loves it so much that we want it every day.

    Hells On Wheels might not be a classic western, but folks rave about it. Closest we can probably get these days.

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