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Discussion in 'DIRECTV Programming' started by spiketoo, Nov 23, 2020.

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    To Rob37:
    I'm guessing you have not read all the news on this.

    The Walt Disney Company, ESPN and National Hockey League Reach Groundbreaking Long-Term Agreement - ESPN Press Room U.S.

    NHL on ESPN: What the $2.8 billion deal means for the league, the salary cap and viewers

    1) No impact to NHLCI. NBC and NBCSN have blacked out many games on CI and now ESPN and ESPN+ will do this for 100 regular season games.

    2) Not sure why you bring up RSN agreements. The ESPN deal does not change anything with them, except the 100 national games mentioned above. Whoever gets the "B" package will probably have some exclusive games as well.

    3) NHL Network is not going away, but it will be completely controlled by the League going forward. From the Athletic:
    The deal also moves NHL Network back under the league umbrella, and Bettman said Wednesday that the league is looking to get the network into more cable packages.

    4) Folding into ESPN+ is a win for everyone. There is no way it will priced as high as the standalone

    5) The NHL created 2 separate packages and put them out for bid. ESPN got package "A" which includes all the items listed in the press release. They are not taking "over the whole show."

    6) These questions have already been answered for hockey fans who took the time to read everything in the release and all the analysis on a million websites.

    Hope this helps.
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    I’ve read 2 articles that stated that the NHL.TV games would be included in the ESPN+ subscription. I don’t think it’s the case at all, because I feel like ESPN would have led with that, but it’s still not crystal clear.

    on Awful Announcing: "ESPN+ is (currently, at least) cheaper for a full year than is for the season, meaning fans who want to watch out of market games will end up saving money while also getting access to a bunch of other content they may or may not be interested in."
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    Well this all sounds good. Just hope that hockey fans who want to be able to see out of market games will still be able to via NHL Center Ice if their team is not playing on ESPN or ABC. And I bring up the RSN’s because that is how NHL Center Ice games are distributed on DIRECTV.
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    Center Ice is not the same thing as NHL.TV
  6. cmasia

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    To Rob37:
    Compnurd is 100% right.
    CI and are 2 different products aimed at 2 different types of customers.

    The agreement with ESPN - as well as the future "B" package - will only affect Center Ice in the games deemed to be "exclusive" to the new rights holders.

    Why would you think - even for a minute - the NHL would kill a cable / sat package when "streaming only" subs today are - at best - 25% of TV viewers?

    Also, DirecTV only "remaps" RSN's they already carry, reducing their overall cost to redistribute those games. If they did not carry the RSN, they would be obligated to grab at least one feed of the game.
    DirecTV also carries feeds of every Canadian game for CI. None of those SN / TSN feeds are available on any RSN in the US.

    Other cable operators - who do not carry every RSN, like DirecTV does - grab at least one satellite feed of every game to fulfill their promise to carry all "out of market" games for their CI subscribers.

    It would really help everyone in this forum if you took a few minutes to read all the available information before making a "sky is falling" post.
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    But they did for people TO VIEW THERE LOCAL GAMES to you NEED TO PAY FOR AN streaming add on. This is not like the FREE mlb facebook games.
    What will they do for bars Force then to buy OUT OF MARKET add on and ESPN + just to view there local games?

    And what about package B will you need to BUY peacock to get more LOCAL games and now BARS will need to BUY that as well to get the B LOCAL games?

    Will bars just get an unofficial hook up vs having to pay for an basic TV package + ESPN + + the B package?? Back in the day how many places payed for that for
    Hawkvision PPV?

    And with canadian systems having all games on the same system some people may just get an canadian dish in the USA.
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    Anyone watch the TSN2 feed last night of EDM-MTL? Meant to post during but had login issues here. The entire feed was blue! Most all colors except white were replaced with blue hue. Didn't capture a screen but seeing a closeup of Perry on the bench as a smurf was quite troubling! All other CI feeds were fine and the TSN2 feeds on other avenues was also fine. Just this D feed.
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    Yep, same for me. It was all game too. Good thing the other TSN feed was fine.
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    Anyone else having problem getting to reauthorize via Center Ice subscription login?

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    Mar 23, 2012
    It worked for me just now.
  12. loveshockey

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    Thanks for checking Z…

    Mine worked too now!

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    I am unfortunately cable now for the past 6 years. That's what they charged me for this season. $115.00 USD
  14. trh

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    NHL.TV. Setting up some games to watch on my CPU, and I noticed this:
    The games is blacked-out for me as I live in FL. So I'm wondering if the game is available in French, or if this is just an error.
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    RDS and TVA Sports produce games for all sports in French in Canada, I am glad to see that they are available on the package. Broadcast TVA occasionally shows sports, which I can get OTA. They are showing MLS tomorrow I believe. So is CTV, which is probably just showing the same game in English. I feel the RSNS should be local RSNs for VT, NH, ME, and northern NY since, well, I want it to be. I have no interest in watching the Bruins, but I want to watch the Canadiens, more than just Saturday night. I do not care what language, especially on TV. I am just out of English radio range but I get the French radio. That is VERY hard to follow for a someone who barely speaks French. Usually I get enough games on the replays when they play US teams but not this year... I am glad the replays are still available with Bally!

    Anyway, it is a shame that those French games are not on TV for CI people, but I know they can still stream them. I know there are French Canadians living in the USA, and other French speakers. Another thing that makes hockey unique!
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    Montreal vs Toronto which will be on TVA in French and CTV in English.
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    Dec 3, 2020
    anyone else had their NHL.TV rights taken away? I'm getting error messages saying that I'm not authorized. :rage:

    update: DTV said they've re-set it. we'll see

    update #2: still not working . :(
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    Sorry I dont have NHL CI

    But I have seen a similar post across multiple forums/reddit .

    I believe some said they called D* to re authorize the account and it worked.

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    I've been getting a complete run around from DTV for days now. My online account access is totally hosed and nobody seems to be able to fix it. That means I can't use the credentials for anything. No CI, No HBO MAX, no Roku apps tied to it. First time in 13 years I'm considering canceling.

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