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Channels missing from guide

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Installation/MDU Discussion' started by kryscio23, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. kryscio23

    kryscio23 Godfather

    Sep 4, 2007
    Hey guys,

    I just reinstalled an older black Hughes receiver that I deactivated probably two years ago when I picked up a HD TV and a HD receiver.

    Rather than letting the old receiver waste away in the closet, I decided to hook it up to an older TV in a different room.

    I tried to do this on Sunday but when I called in to reactivate the card, I was told that that particular card was no good and they couldn't reactivate it. No problem, DTV FedEx'd me a new one and it was here in 48 hours.

    I swapped out the cards and called in the new one. All seemed to be good until I started going through the guide and noticed missing channels in the guide. Most were there but I noticed 215 NHL Network wasn't, and just about ALL of the 600 sports channels were missing. It would go 600-607, 621 and then 700.

    I told the CSR this on the phone before hanging up with him and he resent the signal. No change. I did a soft boot (down arrow & power), no change. I did a hard boot (pulled the plug and waited a minute) and still no change.

    Funny thing is, if you type in a missing guide channel, like 631 (YES Network) or 665 (Comcast SportsNet Chicago), the channel pops up and is watchable, but still isn't in the guide.

    Is there anything you guys know of that I can do to get the missing channels back into the guide? :confused: Is it a software upgrade issue? How do ya gain new software to an older receiver like that? I don't even recall seeing a "Hello" screen to punch in the 02468 ...

  2. curt8403

    curt8403 Hall Of Fame

    Dec 27, 2007
    it is a favorites issue

    press menu button
    guide options
    Fav setup press right button
    select channels to add
  3. excalibur26

    excalibur26 Mentor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Are you sure your old/reactivated Hughes isn't on a *Favorites* setting from a few years ago? They recenty moved YES, MSG, and others, from the 620's to the 630's. Other sports channels have also been moved around since you deactivated the box. So the possibility is that you had set a favorite channels guide back when and the box remembered that setting.
  4. kryscio23

    kryscio23 Godfather

    Sep 4, 2007

    Yep, that's the ticket. I totally forgot about the favorites options since I never use them in my everyday TV watching. I think I played around with them years ago when I first got DirecTV just to learn my way around and see what things did. It just slipped me that could be the issue when I saw nearly the entire 600 block missing. Makes perfect sense after they took all summer to realign the sports tier.

    Thanks again guys!

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