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Clarity on equipment for new HR34 install?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Installation/MDU Discussion' started by jcricket, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. jcricket

    jcricket Legend

    Nov 21, 2005
    So I'm going to be replacing my HR22 with an HR34 b/c I'm getting a 2nd RVU-capable TV. We'll have two TVs (one in the basement, the RVU one in the bedroom). I also have a central utility closet where the ethernet, coax to rooms and coax from dish come into. It's also where my router is. Right now I have the single HR22 connected via Ethernet to my router (the AppleTV I have in the basement is also connected to the HR22, which has the pass-through port).

    From what I can read, the new setup would be:

    1) New dish with SWM
    2) Splitter (in utility closet) - not sure what kind of splitter
    3) PI (Is this needed?)

    4) Coax from splitter to CCK (keeping this in in utility closet)
    4a) Coax from other port on CCK to HR34 (in another room in the basement)
    4b) Ethernet from CCK to router (still in utility closet)

    5) Coax from splitter to coax port in bedroom, to DECA adapter, then ethernet to TV

    I know I could theoretically do without the CCK, but in the basement and the bedroom I will have Apple TVs and I'd like to run them "wired", which means using the only ethernet port I have in those locations (directly to router in utility closet).

    Did I get this right - is there anything specific I should request given my setup?
  2. BobStokesbary

    BobStokesbary Legend

    Oct 24, 2010
    Yes, you need the PI for the SWM head.

    If you get the hardwired CCK, it only has one coax port (at least mine does) and that goes from a coax to the splitter. This would all be done in your utility closet. The CCK puts the internet feed on your coax so you don't need separate wiring to your tvs. That will free the existing wiring to just serve your Apple TV connections. If I understand your Apple TV connection, it is only sharing the internet feed with your HR22. You will just remove the HR22 connection and it will get the internet feed from your CCK unit via the coax. There will be no sharing a direct line with the HR22.

    Splitter will be green label splitter that is MRV compatible.
  3. krazyrs

    krazyrs Cool Member

    Sep 21, 2011
    for 1 hr34 only need a 2way to feed it and the CCK and pi.

    and a second cck for the RVU room, it acts as a "recevier". coax to cck, ethernet jumper to tv, power to outlet
  4. jcricket

    jcricket Legend

    Nov 21, 2005
    Yes, AppleTV is only sharing internet connection with HR22

    To be clear, the HR22 is going away. There will only be an HR34, and the RVU TV in the bedroom, no other receivers.

    So basically splitter in utility closet feeds HR34, RVU TV in bedroom and CCK (which in turn is connected to router).

    As I understand it, the RVU TV in the bedroom just needs the DECA adapter (not another CCK) just to convert the coax to Ethernet (b/c RVU expects to work over the LAN port in the TV)

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