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Clock is Running on Sat TV Bills

Discussion in 'Legislative and Regulatory Issues' started by Chris Blount, Oct 4, 2004.

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  1. Chris Blount

    Chris Blount Creator of DBSTalk Staff Member Administrator DBSTalk Gold Club

    Jun 22, 2001
    Things appear to be moving ahead for key satellite TV bills in the House, as staff prepares to merge two pieces of legislation for a possible vote this week.

    Last week, staff from both the House Energy and Commerce Committee and House Judiciary Committee continued to hammer out a combined bill. There was no word whether a final piece of legislation would be ready for a vote this week, but some suggested a floor vote could take place Tuesday.

    There still is no news concerning satellite TV legislation in the Senate.

    Satellite TV needs critical items in the legislation such as its compulsory license for superstations and distant networks, which are set to expire at the end of the year. Also, time is running out for the legislation, with Congress set to adjourn by the end of the week.

    http://www.skyreport.com (Used with permission)
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