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Close Call for the Dish Channel Chart...(IOW Front Page 2003 BLOWS)

Discussion in 'Tech Talk - Gadgets, Gizmos and Technology' started by TNGTony, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. TNGTony

    TNGTony Hall Of Fame

    Mar 23, 2002
    Hi all,

    Well for the past 3 hours or so, I have been trying to undo one of the biggest mistakes I've made in a long time!

    For some time I have been using the only GUI Web editor that can handle the EKB's Dish Channel Chart without choking like a fat man on a chicken bone or taking the whole "explorer" window with it when it explodes in a spectacular earth shattering kaboom!

    Well...when I first started the list, it was comprised of less than 200 channes/lisings with no graphics. The list has grown in size (over 2000 listings) and features. Front Page Express, Front Page, Front Page XP have been the only three programs to consistantly work with this monster list. So...I think to myself...self, I think I'll add new features and upgrade to Front Page 2003! Why not? All the previous versons have worked fine by me!

    After an installation/upgrade that took an age, the new program was there. I start up Front Page 2003. Cool interface. Very sleak. Looks intuitive. Great. Open up dishlist.htm.....
    I'm nearly injured by the shrapnel flying out of the insides of my hard drive. The program blowed up real good.

    After several unsuccessful attempts (up to ten including breaking up the chart into bite-sized chunks) I gave up. So...lets uninstall FP2003....no problem...attempt to install FP-XP....
    "This version is not compatible with your system"


    The 2003 version left a little time bomb in my system!

    It took 3 hours, two calls to Microsoft (which they agreed to pay for), 3 priests, a shaman, and a couple of zulu witch doctors to remove the CRAP the new program left behind. Egads! I spent more time in the registry files in one stretch than I have since I first started using MS Windows...it was not a comfotrable feeling!

    Anyway, I finally got FP 2002 back on the system. It's sluggish and crude, but its the only GUI I've found that works with that page!

    Anyone know of another GUI HTML editor that wont blow up with http://ekb.dbstalk.com/dishlist.htm ?

    I've tried without success...Front Page 2003, Dreamweaver, Web-it, Netscape Navigator's Editor, Word Perfect HTML Editor.

    I'll probably just stick to Front Page XP for now. Thought I'd share

    See ya
  2. Nick

    Nick Retired, part-time PITA DBSTalk Club

    Apr 23, 2002
    Tony, I feel your pain...

    My previous notebook self-destructed last Fall and I spent the better part of three weeks trying to resurrect it. AAARRRGGGGHHH! I also went the shaman/witch doctor route, but when I tried to call in a priest, they were all busy being transferred from parish to parish.

    Anger Therapy.......... $3,000
    New Hair Plugs.......... $2,000
    Wall Hole Repairs....... $1,200
    PC that works........... Priceless
  3. Bogy

    Bogy Hall Of Fame

    Mar 23, 2002
    Send me a nice check and I will place my hands upon my cable modem and bless your computers against all further problems. For an extra "love offering" I will send you a piece of cloth I personally have blessed that you can place the computer upon. Realize however, that unless you have perfect faith in me I cannot guarantee this will work all the time.
  4. FTA Michael

    FTA Michael Hall Of Fame

    Jul 21, 2002

    First, if you're using Windows XP, just use System Restore when you install something, well, poisonous like that.

    Second, maybe you should consider this as a sign that you should learn HTML and write your pages in a NON-WYSIWYG editor. If you send me an email, I'll be happy to send you some HTML guides as a tiny repayment for all the benefit your work has given me over the years.

    Third, maybe you should consider this as a sign that you need to (gasp) break up the Channel Chart page. One page for Locals. One page for Standard, systemwide offerings. Maybe a third page for Internationals. Each page would load a lot faster (especially appreciated by dial-up users and, considering your table size, users of slow computers), and each would have a fighting chance in Front Page 2008 or whatever you need to use in the future.

    Fourth, if you get comfortable with MS Access or a similar database, it can spit out its report (in your case, the channel chart) pretty much ready to post online. And it can be easier to make changes to the database than directly on a Front Page page.

    I really admire your dedication, and I hope this helps.
  5. Nick

    Nick Retired, part-time PITA DBSTalk Club

    Apr 23, 2002
    I believes, Brother Bogy, I believes! Sen me dat cloth so I ken wipe mah tears of joy.

    Carload, I'm running XP and tried number five on my pc. It worked! Thanks. :scratch:

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