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  1. Big Fred

    Big Fred New Member

    Nov 2, 2018
    I need help with finding the proper routing of my coax and splitter. I put my Dish service on hold for six months for financial reasons. I put a TV antenna on my Rhon 45 forty foot tower. I bought a splitter and run the coax from the antenna to the splitter. I then unhooked the coaxs from the Dish splitter (one for each TV) and hooked them to the TV splitter. All worked fine. My wife recently talked me into reactivating our Dish account so she could watch the Hallmark Christmas Movies. I rolled my eyes and said only if there is plenty of alcohol in the house!! I failed to take a picture of the original Dish coax/splitter set up. I figured it would be same as any other splitter BUT NO that is not the case! Two bonded coax coming from satellite into a termination block of some sort. Four ports. Two for satellite and only one going out. The forth has always had a plastic cap on it. I took the one coax from block to the Dish splitter. Any other normal splitter has one single input by itself on one side and two outputs on other side. A simple "T" configuration. Not Dish! Hooked it up the logical way and one TV says "complete signal loss" and nothing on other TV. I have one Vip722k receiver. Ports on Dish splitter are labeled as following; side with single port is labeled "IN/OUT". Side with two ports is labeled "SAT" on one and "VHF/UHF" on other side. What have I done wrong? Any and all help is appreciated.
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    Ok - Let's take this one step at a time.

    1. You should have ONE cable coming from the Dish. The path for this should go (uninterupted) from the dish LNB going to the port on the Dish splitter (this is called a DishPro Plus Separator). The 2 sat outputs (labeled Sat A and Sat B) go from those two ports DIRECTLY to the 2 sat input ports on the 722K. When this is completed, Do a Check Switch (Menu 6,1,1, check switch button), run the test, and you should have 2 tuners with however many slots you should receive - the 2 sat tuners should be identical.

    2. Next - you need to run a cable from TV2 coax output to your other TV.

    3. If you want to see the Sat and OTA on TV2, you need to combine them somewhere before the TV coax input. You just need to make sure the TV2 modulator output (and TV1 , for that matter) are not sharing the same channel as your Antenna channels. Best way to avoid this is to set the output channels above channel 55, with at least 1 channel inbetween the 2 (i.e. 55 and 57 should be a good combination). DOn't worry if your Digital Channels match - they are just virtual and their actual RF channel is below channel 52.

    If you have an OTA tuner in your 722K, you may want to connect that to you antenna and run the test to see what channel it can receive (should be close to the same as your TVs).

    The TV2 output is ONLY in standard definition, although it can receive and record HD channels as well.
  3. Big Fred

    Big Fred New Member

    Nov 2, 2018
    Turns out I had forgotten about the connections on the back of the receiver. I had unhooked the coax going to receiver and put it into back of TV coming from my antenna. All is well now. Thanks for the help.

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