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College hockey? (HD?)

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Programming' started by r0n, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. r0n

    r0n Mentor

    Jun 15, 2007
    This will be my first winter as a subscriber to the Premier package with all RSNs, and I'm hoping to watch some college hockey. Can anyone tell me which teams the RSNs cover, and whether any games will be in HD?
  2. Koz

    Koz Icon

    Sep 16, 2006
    This is the best resource I know of for tracking college hockey.

    In general, FSN North covers Minnesota and sometimes Wisconsin. FSN Rocky Mountain covers Denver. FSN Detroit covers Michigan and Michigan State. Big Ten Network covers Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State. NESN covers northeast teams. ESPNU and CSTV cover random teams.

    And I have yet to see a game in HD, though I think Big Ten Network games might be in HD. Just haven't caught one yet.

    Go Tech!
  3. jefbal99

    jefbal99 Hall Of Fame

    Sep 7, 2007
    Big Ten Network had the College Hockey Showcase (3 out of 4 games) in HD. It was all Big Ten schools though (MSU, U of M, Wisconsin, and Minnesota).

    Here is there schedule now, I'm hoping that it expands...

    Nov. 23 Wisconsin at Michigan 11:30 p.m. (same-day delay)
    Nov. 24 Minnesota at Michigan
    11:30 p.m. (same-day delay)
    Nov. 24 Wisconsin at Michigan State 2 a.m. (same-day delay)
    Jan. 4 Colo. College at Wisconsin 8 p.m. (live)
    Jan. 11 St. Cloud State at Minnesota 8 p.m. (live)
    Jan. 18 Michigan State vs. Ohio State 7 p.m. (live)
    Jan. 25 Game to be determined TBD
    Feb. 1 Nebraska-Omaha at Michigan, 8 p.m. (live)
    Feb. 8 Minnesota at Denver 9:30 p.m. (live)
    Feb. 15 Northern Michigan at Ohio State 7 p.m. (live)
    Feb. 22 Wisconsin at Minnesota 8 p.m. (live)
    Feb. 29 Ferris State at Michigan 7:30 p.m. (live)

    The games so far have been in HD.

    On the FSN front, I have not seen anything CCHA games from FSN Detroit in HD. The Great Lakes Invitational is the next college hockey broadcast on FSN D and it is not in HD on the calender.
  4. bwaldron

    bwaldron Impossible Dreamer

    Oct 24, 2005
    I'm hoping that we'll see some HD hockey on the BTN.

    NESN typically does the Beanpot tourney in February in HD, don't know if there are any plans for their other coverage to be HD.
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