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Coming From Hopper & Slingbox to Hopper w/Sling

Discussion in 'Hopper System Support Forum' started by js0873, May 7, 2014.

  1. js0873

    js0873 Legend

    Apr 18, 2005
    I’m a long time Dish customer that also has a Slingbox, in my case the SB300 Pro-HD. It looks like my SB300 may have bitten the dust today. It’s not responsive, even though the power light is on, and I can’t get any network response from it. Because of that I’m considering asking Dish what it’ll cost to upgrade from my Hopper to the Hopper with Sling. I have some questions:

    First, what are the normal upgrade fees to do what I want, just so I’ll have something to compare to whenever Dish says what the upgrade will cost me?

    I’m used to using SlingPlayer on my PCs, iPad & iPhone. From the little I’ve read I’m doubting I can continue using that with the Hopper with Sling. Is that right? I’ve never used DishAnywhere if that’s what I’ll need to use and I’m wondering how that compares to the SlingPlayer.

    Last, are there any other items I should know about? Are most folks happy with the Hopper w/Sling?
  2. Mike.H_DISHNetwork

    Mike.H_DISHNetwork DISH Representative DISH Representative

    Feb 1, 2011

    [SIZE=medium]I am more than happy to help you with your Slingbox questions/issues today! Would you PM me w/the phone and 4 digit PIN number to further assist you? [/SIZE]


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