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  1. htguySR

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    Jul 8, 2004
    Hi All,

    Biggest Problem:

    Horizontal bands (thick lines) green w/ purple outline are scrolling slowly up picture. I have tried switching out all component cables and also bypassing AV receiver. WHen I have the component cables connected to the Voom box the problem with the "scrolling bands" happens to all other sources that are connected to component. I remove the component cables from the Voom box and the problem disappears.

    How good is the tuner on the box?

    On the plus side I ordered at 9pm on 7-6 and was connected @ 10am on 7-8.

    Please help me solve these box issues.


  2. bryan27

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    Apr 1, 2002
    Makes you go hum!

    All I can think of is maybe the cables are mixed up. Didn't the installer install the cables for you? Anyway try connecting the Green cable to the Green plug on the VOOM box and connect the other Green end to the Green plug on the back of your set. Now what do you see? You should see a perfect Black and White picture. If that is the case connect the other two. Is the problem still there?

    If so there is probably a compatability problem between the VOM box and your TV and the VOOM box and the AV receiver. Although I don't have that particular problem with the VOOM box I do have a DVD player that does what you have explained.

    If I connect the Green I get a perfect B&W picture from the DVD player, but plug in the red and blue and there are purple and green lines :( I have to use the S-Video with the DVD player.

    Can you use the DVI connection with your set up? Once you have used the HD connections (component or DVI) the S-Video and RCA outputs look awful. If you can't use the DVI port I would suggest scheduling a service call.
  3. sounds like a phillips tv. they dont have the software downloaded into there video card on most of their big screens. need to call the tv manuf. and have video card replaced. your component cables are fine---the voom box is fine---i've owned audio experience for 12 years now installed voom since they came out. the motorola box is not very quick but it works most of the time. Every time had your problem it was a phillips or magnavox tv
    kevin f
    Audio experience
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  4. Rocky Watson

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    Sep 3, 2003
    on the front of the receiver lower right hand corner there is a door, open that door and there is a little red button, pushing that buttom changes the output of the receiver to adapt to your tv pushing it changes from 720p to 1080i to 480 etc

    try that !


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