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    Wow!!! The Who can still rock!! Who Are You, Teenage Wasteland, Behind Blue Eyes, Won't Get Fooled Again. The cops in the audience seem to very much enjoy them also (almost as much as I do). Their new drummer (whoever he may be) seems to be every bit as good as Keith Moon was in his prime (but WAY too young to remember any of the songs as hits). He is even making full use of the double bass drums as Moon used to. Townsend can still windmill and jump around (although not quite as much as before). Great show.

    I just tuned in so haven't seen any other acts yet, but wow do I enjoy this so far.
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    Just tuned in about 10 mins ago. That was a nice round of applause for Mayor Guliuni (SP?). I like it so far, wish I tuned in earlier.

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    You missed the Jr Senator from NY getting booed. Another highlight.
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    Have the whole concert and the preconcert show on DirecTivo. Cannot wait to watch the whole thing...some of it again...such as Jerry Seinfeld's segment on NYC. Love the moment where he was stuck on the Today Show's Outside window shouting "You want my show back?? You want my show back?".

    The low point of the 4 hours I watched was towards the end when Jim Carrey was on. Sounded like he took comedy lessons from the staff at the Chevy Chase Show because I didnt find him funny at all during the few moments he was on.
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    Send me a copy. :)

    I agree on Carrey, but then I think the only worthwhile thing he has ever done in his career is The Mask.
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    I watched most of the remainder and my DirecTivo started to act weird. Maybe it was because I recorded 6 hours + of the concert and the preshow. The redlight (on when TIVO records or is downloading something from satellite) was on, but I wasnt downloading anything off of the satellite and no programming was being recorded. So...I was glad I got to watch the show because I had to delete the concert and the preconcert. I had so many shows on my hard drive. A hard reboot got the player back to where it should be...where I am in control, not the DirecTivo.

    I was wrong: Carrey wasnt the lowest point of the was that SNL guy who sung 80s songs to the tune of that MC Hammer song. I kept wanting him to get off the stage.

    Hint to President Bush: You dont need bombs now to fight the enemy. You just need to force them to watch that musical (?) number from the concert and you will win every war. Think of the money that can be saved.
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    I didn't get to watch all of the concert, but of what I saw, McCartney leading everyone in singing "Freedom" or "I will fight for the right to be Free" or whatever the title is, at the very end had to be one of the high points.
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    I got a chance to see the booing of Clinton on a clip on Fox News. Boy the NYPD and FDNY dont like here that much. I saw Richard Gere get bood live. His comments were totaly inapopriate and he deserved a boo too, IMO.


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