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    OK, DBSTalkers...

    Here's a consolidated list of many of the popular topics that populate the Connected Home forum all in one convenient place.

    Whether you're looking for some newbie advice on getting your receivers connected to the internet or want to get some technical answers regarding phy mesh rates, you're in the right place!

    Whole Home DVR Service

    What is MRV or WHDVR?

    What do I need to do to get WHDVR service?

    I'm having a problem with my WHDVR service.

    Enabling Unsupported WHDVR Service

    Want to setup your own WHDVR network?

    Love the WHDVR service but don't want to use DECA?

    Using DECA with the HR20-100

    Make sure your HR20-100 is properly connected.

    Using Static IP Addresses with WHDVR Service

    Having trouble with receivers dropping off your network?

    How do I set up static IP addresses on my HDDVRs and HD receivers?

    WHDVR Service Receiver Compatibility

    What DIRECTV receivers are compatible with the WHDVR service?

    Ask veryoldschool

    I have a signal strength or DECA connection problem and no one else can help.

    I have a technical RF question.

    I see a VOS is posting all sorts of technical stuff. Just who the heck is this guy anyway?

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