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    Jul 26, 2007
    Hello. I don't have Dish but trying to help a family member connect a 2nd TV. I'm a DTV customer. He has the HD DVR in the living room & has removed the receiver out of his bedroom. It is connected to the coaxial wall plug that he says goes to the dish but everything is bad quality SD. He can tune to NFLN so it's not just using the coaxial as a (weak) antenna.. How is this possible & is it possible to get an HD feed this way? Thanks.
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    He is using the NTSC output from the cable out connector on a 722 receiver, SD only.

    If he wants a second TV to be HD he can run component to the local TV and HDMI to the distant TV, but both TVs will see the same programming.

    OR, he van get a Hopper system with a Joey and have full HD and control at both TVs.
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    Ok, I've re-read my question and maybe it's not written correctly. The DVR in the LR is working great with HD. He previously had a 2nd box in the BR which he has since removed. After removing it he connected his BR TV directly to the wall coaxial that he says is connected to the dish on the roof. He can change channels independently of the LR box but they are bad quality. (even for SD) Does that change the theory of how he's connected? Next time I'm over there I can check things out a little more.
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    He is NOT going to get anything from Dish on the bedroom TV unless he has it hooked up to the LR DVR. Using the coax output from a VIP 222, VIP222k, VIP 722, VIP722K or VIP 922, he will only get SD, and unless it is on a different output channel from local / the other Sat TV output, will look crappy. If it is setup correctly, it may not be HD, but it will be fine looking SD down rez of HD programming as well. His output cable from the LR needs to go straight to the BR - do not go through the dish. There are 2 RF modulators built into the VIP DVRs - they need to be on separate channels for best picture - I'd recommend setting them for OTA channel 55 and 57.

    If he really wants HD on both TVs - then he needs another receiver in the BR. Or, he can replace the LR DVR with a Hopper reciever and put a Joey in the bedroom - have him get a pro to install it correctly.
  5. mocarob

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    Jul 26, 2007
    Thanks everyone.

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