Considering Suspending My Directv Service

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    I do use it to watch the news and my wife uses it for Hallmark-like programming but the only reason we have it is for sports. I can get news and the Hallmark stuff online. Just can't get YES. And PIX. If I never have to call those people again I would be happy.

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    What I hear repeated from DirecTV on my legacy DirecTV suspended account is that monthly these discounts will continue to have a clock on them during suspension. They can be expected to expire while suspended. That didn't seem to be the case back in 2018 when I last suspended. I'm not counting on the discounts remaining. I do recall existing credits and legacy programming caused some issues when I cancelled and reconnection dept offered me new credits to come back. That was a mess because reconnections had no idea those were there and DirecTV threw out the new offers and I had to remove existing credits, cancel and call reconnections back after I was disconnected a day to get the offer they offered.

    If you try to suspend a leased receiver, DirecTV will ask for it back or it faces the non return fee: this is what I discovered with 2 HR24s in 2019. I couldn't hold them inactive. I have no idea about current owned receivers? I had an old H25, I think that's right model? But it was a beta test unit given to me to beta test prior to release way back during the Edge Cutter days. DirecTV has never asked for it back, even when I cancelled DirecTV. It's treated as owned as far as I call recall. But I also disconnected that long before AT&T came along. Not sure how that would go with an owned receiver in-service now? Seems there's a concern that it may not be allowed to activate again?

    AT&T accounts have a monthly recurring suspension fee but legacy DirecTV accounts still don't have that fee. My balance remains monthly without fees, carrying a $55 dollar balance from the day I suspended. The + balance may have been because a monthly credit hit the account before I suspended. But I did suspend before billing cycle ended and California residents still get credit for unused service, at least on DirecTV legacy accounts. My service was suspended within a day after suspended rather than end of billing cycle.

    Not sure if a second account would be treated any different than a single legacy DirecTV account? And not sure how legacy owned equipment is treated with legacy DirecTV accounts today, if suspending?

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    You just need to go to their web site to read up about suspending accounts:
    And they only suspension listed is 'accounts'; you can't suspend a receiver (unless maybe if it is an owned receiver, but that isn't listed anywhere either).
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    The help page that give guidance about suspending DirecTV service is just a general overview about how suspending works for customers billed by the legacy D* billing system and the AT&T billing system. It is streamlined to avoid confusion between the two groups.

    Things that apply to both billing systems:
    • You must suspend the account for at least 30 days and no longer than 6 months.
    • If you agreed to keep a certain level of programming to get a special offer or lower equipment price, you won’t be able to suspend your service.
    • If you only have 1 account, you can suspend it 2 times in a 12-month period. Have 2 or more accounts? You can suspend each one a maximum of 4 times in a 12-month period. If applicable, we’ll extend your service agreement for the amount of time you suspend your account. For example: Your service agreement expires in June, but then you suspend the account for 4 months. The updated service agreement now ends in October.
    • We can’t extend recurring or promotional credits. For example: You signed up for a 12-month offer that gives you a $10 credit each month. You have 6 months of the offer left, but then you suspend your account for 2 months. You won’t get the credits for those 2 months. You’ll get the remaining 4 months of credits after you reinstate your account.
    • If you have an active sports subscription installment payment, you’ll still owe the installments that would have been due. We’ll bill you when you reinstate your account, even if the season has ended.
    Things specific to the legacy DirecTV billing system:
    • (System enforced) You must have no balance due on your account.
      • So even if your bill just generated (i.e. your bill cycle starts on May 1st and ends on May 31st and you call on May 5th to suspend) you still need to pay that entire bill.
    • Individual receivers can be suspended even if there is a balance as long as a 1 receiver remains active.
      • This is referred to as a Seasonal/Vacation Suspend/Hold and will remove the additional TV fee from the account until the receiver is reactivated. The customer keeps the receiver until they completely deactivate the receiver or cancel the account entirely.
    • There is no monthly charge to voluntary suspend service.
    Things specific to the AT&T billing system:
    • It is recommended you don't have a balance due on your account before suspending. However as long as your account is current (i.e. no past due) the system will allow the agent to process the suspend. (Agents will try and strongly recommend payment be made if there is a balance on the account.)
      • If you chose to suspend your account while there is a current balance then when you get your first bill after the suspend is in effect you need to pay the updated balance. If you let this balance become past due then you will be subject to potential disconnection and collection activities. Any applicable ETF applies.
      • The system only requires a payment prior to suspending if there is a past due balance on the account at the time of the suspend request.
    • A suspend is all or nothing, the AT&T billing system can't, under any circumstances, suspend individual receivers.
      • The AT&T billing system was designed with U-Verse TV in mind and was essentially forced retroactively to handle DirecTV customers. Thus it can't do everything the legacy DirecTV billing system could.
    • When you voluntary suspend services your monthly charges are reduced to $7/mo.
      • This brings DirecTV in line with AT&T's other products like U-Verse TV, Internet and Home Phone which also charge $7/mo/product for a voluntary suspend. Suspends relating to natural disaster, military, etc. do not occur a fee.
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