Continuous Problems that aren’t getting FIXED

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by Rob37, Nov 30, 2018.

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    Yeah, I was expecting a spectacle. With good performances. I had no idea that politics was gonna ruin the halftime show. I had no idea who Levine was. Must have been better in the stadium spectacle-wise. All I could think of while watching it was how are they gonna get all the people and equipment off the field in time. That, I would have liked to see.

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    There is a YouTube video of all the equipment coming on the field. Something I think they practice multiple times during the week leading up to the game.
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    More than six months ago a first-level tech told me DirecTV engineers were working on a solution to the recurrent deselection of the 4k resolution box in Settings, mandating it be activated manually (and then pressing “info” on the remote) before viewing programs on channels 104 and 106 in 4k. Nevertheless, I still am encountering this issue.

    On a semi-humorous note, I was informed (presumably-senior) AT&T staff attending the recent golf tournament at Pebble Beach endeavored to look at DirecTV’s 4k coverage of this event at a location immediately off the course but initially received the “can only view in 1080p” message; maybe their enthusiasm for rectifying this long-lived problem will heighten as a result (but I doubt it).

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