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Contract Up...What should I be bargaining for?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by bmar, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. bmar

    bmar Cool Member

    Dec 15, 2006
    Hello all -

    I am in the sometimes advantageous position of having an expired contract with DIRECTV. In the past, I have managed to parlay this into new boxes, etc for re-signing up for another couple of years.

    So, a couple of questions for the group at large:

    1) Has anyone been successful at negotiating anything recently? What is DTV been offering for customer retention (if anything)?

    2) Currently do not have SWM installation, should I switch over to it and should I ask DTV to do it as part of the aforementioned negotiation?

  2. tcusta00

    tcusta00 Active Member

    Dec 31, 2007
    What is it you're trying to accomplish? Are you trying to get something for free for the sake of "free" or are you truly in need of a new piece of equipment? If it's the latter, I'd suggest calling them and asking what they can do for you based on your loyalty.

    If it's the former I'd suggest taking your business elsewhere since you're just looking to take advantage of them and drive up costs for everyone else and I'm not going to help you get freebies so my costs are higher. Just sayin'. :rolleyes:
  3. turey22

    turey22 Hall Of Fame

    Jul 30, 2007
    I am with tcsuta00 and I see where he is coming from so I deleted my post.

    But also if he calls in to get any piece of equipment because he wants to have an HDDVR he will get it if hes account is a "4 Heart" or how ever many Hearts he has. Or even as a "loyal customer" he will get it.
  4. bmar

    bmar Cool Member

    Dec 15, 2006
    No, not just angling for "free" stuff. I have an old tivo HD DVR that needs replacing as it doesn't receive the new HD channels (I have DTV HD DVR's in other parts of the house), and my installation is a mass of jumbled wires, so therefore, was interested in the opinions about SWM.

    My feeling is that if I am in the position of locking myself in to DTV for another two years, at a time when rates and programming are in flux, and when there are other viable options around (Fios, etc) then I look to DTV to want to keep my business. I guess you could say that I could just stay as is and not renew my contract, but, again, when there are other options out there, I like to make sure I'm getting the best service and equipment possible.

    The way I see it, over the next two years, Direct TV will be getting over $2,400 of my money (which I happily pay) - so, for that loyalty, I'm hoping to be treated well.
  5. say-what

    say-what Active Member

    Dec 14, 2006
    New Orleans
    Call and ask - let them know your needs and they'll let you know if any can be met

    Since you haven't indicated whether you have the newer 5lnb dish to receive the new channels, you may need an HD upgrade. If this is the situation, then you may be able to get the newer SWMLine dish with a built-in SWM, but that won't work if your older equipment is not SWM ready. In which case you'd get the regular HD dish and if you have more than 4 tuners, a Zinwell multiswitch. They'd probably throw in the HD DVR also with the dish upgrade, if needed.
  6. tcusta00

    tcusta00 Active Member

    Dec 31, 2007
    I'd say, all else being satisfactory, i.e., payment history, etc., DirecTV should work with you on upgrading the receiver. I assume they never contacted you for a free replacement of the HR10-250 in the past year? They have been pretty much swapping everyone out for free given the impending switch from MPEG2 -> MPEG4. If that HR10-250 has already been swapped for an HR2x you will have a harder time getting it swapped again.

    Anyhow, it never hurts to ask. I'd caution against asking for the retention department directly (if that even crossed your mind) but rather just explain what you'd like. I wouldn't actually mention FiOS either unless you're truly prepared to cut off DirecTV.
  7. Ken S

    Ken S RIP

    Feb 12, 2007
    Sounds to me like you're a pretty good customer of DirecTV. If your payment history has been good they will probably be willing to give you some equipmets, or at least discounts, and some service credits to keep you.

    Call them up and ask. If they don't offer you what you're looking for then it's worth calling back again and asking to be transferred to their retention department. This is the way DirecTV chooses to do business. If you are polite and willing to make a couple of phone calls generally you will find someone there willing to do a little extra work to keep you happy (within reason)

  8. josetann

    josetann Legend

    Oct 2, 2006
    Every so often I'll see a great Dish deal, go over the numbers, then call DirecTV. I'm always completely honest with DirecTV, back when the DirecTV HD TiVo was still king I called, compared what Dish was offering with their HD DVR, and frankly stated that DTV didn't need to give me as good a deal, since I really wanted to keep TiVo (and I did end up paying probably $600 or so more for the receiver than Dish's would have cost).

    About a week ago I called asking when my contract was up, how much it'd cost to cancel now, and compared that to what I'd save using Dish. I figured up the short term savings vs the ETF, the higher DVR fees with Dish vs needing fewer receivers (I'd need about half the receivers with Dish, since they can output two different video feeds for two TVs), etc. We crunched the numbers, found out that DTV had just started a year free of Showtime, and threw in the other movie channels free for three months (to balance it with Dish's Cinemax for a penny for a year, and the rest free for three months), and $20/mo credit for the difference in the monthly programming price.

    Perhaps I could have got more, maybe an HD DVR, a new SD DVR to replace my Series 1 DirecTiVo, who knows? But I didn't call specifically to get freebies. I called to compare what I had with what I could get if I switched. If you call specifically to get free stuff all the time, you may get put on "THE LIST"*. If you simply call to see if they can match another deal you can get (and you're honestly considering switching if it'll save enough $$$), then I see no problem with that.

    * Existence of "THE LIST" has been confirmed by DirecTV, but only in that it's not that great of a movie.
  9. Mertzen

    Mertzen Hall Of Fame

    Dec 8, 2006
    D* will not give you SWM to keep you as a customer. A CSR can't even order it for you as a upgrade nor will they upgrade old equipment to be SWM compatible.

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