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Correction it is Version 150

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Feb 22, 2002.

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    I contacted one of the head Techs at Dish today and she told me that the software version is not 140 but 150. Once again it is only a maintenance upgrade, which means no new features. Since I had one of the very upper level techs, I thought it was a good time to inquire about a search and caller ID option for the 501. The caller ID won't be happening on the 501. With out a real keyboard, the search feature would require a on screen keyboard taking up too much of our precious hard drive space. She indicated that the engineers were trying to get around that issue but we shouldn't expect it anytime soon.
    The next major upgrade should be coming in July giving us interactive customer service plus local movie information and other services. Plus it will have some sort of game feature added.
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    tivo doesn't seem to have a problem with space for its search function... and I haven't seen a keyboard.

    They can spend the time and space to develop games? If I wanted games I'd buy a playstation. I'd much rather have searching available.
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    I agree, I would rather see the hard drive space used for a search option also.
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    Wouldn't the "Platinum" keyboard slated for the 721 fit this bill?

    I'm not sure how good the information is that you got from the E* tech... It is pretty contrary to everything we have heard from other sources including E*, so I don't know that I would give it much weight.

    Besides, it seems the folks in the call centers are about a week behind us in information anyway.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, didn't they say on the last Charlie Chat or Tech Chat we were getting a search feature added to the 501?
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    Ya it's been said. Lots has been said. Ya know, WE was supposed to be dumped and 131 be IFC only. DISH wouldn't carry WE. This was supposed to be last April. Instead, this January they seperated them. ABC Family was gonna be dumped. A DISHPlayer update was supposed to be released "next week" - instead it went into testing the next week. The 6000 was once said to be OpenTV compatible. A lot's been said without much meaning.
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