Corrupted (?) recording causes Hopper reboot?

Discussion in 'Hopper System Support Forum' started by dmspen, May 20, 2019.

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    I recorded the last Warriors basketball game. Recording showed up in the Hopper 3 DVR as always. Saturday morning my wife starts watching it via Joey in the bedroom. With 8:06 left in the 3rd quarter the picture freezes. A few minutes later she gets a message the signal is lost. Then the HOPPER rebooted.

    I unplugged the Joey after the reboot and it started up fine. I tried this 4 times making things as different as possible each time. I tried to fast forward through 8:06, I tried directly from the Hopper, same result. Then I lost the antenna signal. I may have been a bit too quick and not waiting for everything to load/settle down. After one of the reboots, after the signal returned, I got a message saying the DVR was in the process of loading and to not access any recordings. I have never seen that before. I opened the DVR and selected a program. Sure enough, nothing there. I tried several others and nothing in the folders. Makes me wonder how they do recording management.

    I called DISH, spent 15 frustrating minutes telling the rep, "Yes, I really do want my Guide to show only HD channels", and a slew of other mundane irrelevant topics. She finally jumped on to my Hopper and rebooted and reset the Hopper. She launched into the spiel about the reboots curing most issues and on and on. I then had to remind her the original issue is a recording and associated reboot. I was then put on hold while she checked their database. They have never seen a recording cause a reboot. The issue has been forwarded to their tech department for resolution. She said to call back if any other issues arise.

    I opened the YouTube channel and searched for Warriors highlights. When I went back to the Guide, the Hopper rebooted! I called DISH and all they could do was add it to the report.

    Left the Hopper alone for the afternoon. No problems since. I have not tried the Warriors game recording or YouTube yet.
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    I've had that happen with corrupt recordings over the years with all different machines. I just deleted the recording and looked for it somewhere else.

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