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D* vs. E*

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by jaywdetroit, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. jaywdetroit

    jaywdetroit Hall Of Fame

    Sep 21, 2006
    Has anyone done a comparison between D* and E*? Is there a thread out here that does that?

    I am curious about E*s offerings... but I have a ton of questions.

    I will list my questions. But if there is a thread that answers these (I tried to search on D* vs. E* and ticked the server off) I will be happy if someone could direct me there.

    How do the services compare price wise:

    2-3 TVs HD and DVR service.

    What about picture quality - the same? For HD?

    How does E*'s HD DVR match up with the HR20-700? (Yes I noticed it will do Dual Buffers.)

    What about the future - Has E* made any announcements to compete with D*'s HD forthcoming HD line-up?

    Does E* carry FSN Detroit in HD?

    If I use the E* HD DVR in Dual mode, how do I get the signal over to the other TV?

    Does E* have the equivalent of what D* calls SWM? Do they have it in the works?

    How do the customer service departments/installers match up?

    Thanks for your thoughts everyone...
  2. James Long

    James Long Ready for Uplink! Staff Member Super Moderator DBSTalk Club

    Apr 17, 2003
    A thread? Seems like it is a FAQ. You can check my site (also in my signature) for one comparison.
    D* has a flat rate DVR service ... one fee covers all. To answer completely, how many TVs are HD and do you mind sharing the main HDTV DVR with a SD TV in another room?
    Matter of opinion. Some will swear one is better than the other. Some will just swear.
    Both have serious problems and work well. Yep, matter of opinion again!
    Nothing announced. No more promises to break. It will be interesting to see what HD is available for D* to carry in the future.
    RF cable, tune the 2nd set to a TV channel and watch. RF remote for control.
    Not complete SWM, although they do have the ability to feed one dual tuner receiver over each cable from the switch. SWM sounds interesting. If E* develops it I expect D* to sue them for infringement. :)
    I rarely call CS ... four or five times in all the years of service? I'm my own installer ... I have self installed everything I have.
  3. jaywdetroit

    jaywdetroit Hall Of Fame

    Sep 21, 2006

    Thanks for the replies. I am sure E* will add FSN Detroit in HD eventually, but all discussion stops for me right there for now.

    Also - after calling customer service - they are 15 more a month for similar package to what I have now with D*. (To be fair, they offer more channels than D* does at this tier).

    Once they add FSN Detroit and announce more HD, I will re-evaluate.

    Nice site by the way.
  4. Ext 721

    Ext 721 Icon

    Feb 26, 2007
    raw channel number is nice, but E*'s raw channel count, If I have read correctly (don't have E*) includes a __LOT__ of ?non-stereo? music channels! That's one way to save bandwidth!

    While it's nice to have CD quality music without commercials included...I have an MP3 player+stereo for that reason.

    Both providers announce channel numbers that include large numbers of "music only" channels. Many cable systems do the same.

    Quantity's nice, quantity's good, I love lots...but what quality are those oodles of channels? Every company loves to pump up their "quantity" by including the music and advertisement channels in their number...some more than others
  5. James Long

    James Long Ready for Uplink! Staff Member Super Moderator DBSTalk Club

    Apr 17, 2003
    The music channels is one reason why when I count I count them separate ...
    AT100 - 111 Channels (79 video and 32 audio - all stereo)
    AT200 - 208 Channels (112 video and 96 audio - all stereo, 64 channels of Sirius)
    AT250 - 267 Channels (152 video and 115 audio - 96 stereo, 19 mono)
    "AEP" - 299 Channels (184 video and 115 audio)

    Choice - 139 Channels (90 video and 49 audio - XM)
    Choice Xtra - 188 Channels (121 video and 67 audio - XM)
    Premier - 254 Channels (187 video and 67 audio)

    Pricewise D* has nothing that compares with AT100 for $29.99 ($34.99 w/locals). The first comparison would be "AT100" ($42.99 w/locals $47.99) vs "Choice" ($49.99 inc locals). 112 video channels vs 90 video channels for those not counting music.

    The top packages are "AEP" ($89.99 w/locals $94.99) vs "Premier" ($99.99 inc locals). 184 vs 187 video channels noting that "Premier" includes all the regional sports channels (subject to blackout). AEP with all RSNs and locals sells for $100.98 and is 213 channels.

    BTW: Since regional sports vary (some people get one RSN, others get several) I don't include them in the base counts ... nor do I include the "barker" channels that selling PPV, or PPV channels for that matter ... just the "real" channels everyone in the nation gets at that programming level. D* was the first to include the audio only channels in their count so I don't fault E* for including them.

    What those channels are is usually what makes the difference ... although there a re very few channels that are only E* or only D* ... the package level makes a difference. And of course, the add ons (like NFL ST and MLB EI) also make D* popular ... if you're into sports. A simple channel count is just the beginning.
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