D* wants to put me on cancelled service before giving me a deal..

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Programming' started by bjlc, Jan 9, 2019.

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    Aug 20, 2004
    I called Directv today to try and lower my bill. .I have not gotten any thing but the red zone channel from D* this year.. last year I had some major discounts and they were not extended ..I have not had free Sunday ticket for a few years as well. much preferring to have a lower monthly bill.. but the CSR today stated that that I MUST.. MUST say that I am being put on a cancelled list to get a discount.. I am concerned that I would lose my grandfathered choice plus package and my east and west coast channels.. is there a direct phone number for the VIP service ?
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    That's why they want to Change your account --So your Status is changed --Suggest If your unhappy Cancel and leave - Because the grief is coming for you if you ask for it.
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    WestDC is correct. If you cancel to get a deal, you'll lose your grandfathered package and possibly your east/west coast channels (not sure which channels you're referring too). And you will not be able to get them back. Ever.

    So you have to weigh your choices.

    Of course I recently received $60 off per months for 12 months. No cancellation required.

    You should call back and try CSR Roulette.
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    I'm in the exact same boat. Red Zone only, discounts "galore" gone and no more given in 2018, 24 years with D* this April, my most recent 2 calls they basically dared me to cancel. Civil conversations, but they had no interest in me. If you exclude NHL CI and MLB EI, I'm paying $200+ a month XTRA package plus extra DVR's blah blah. Also have the NY & LA distant networks. Am fully aware once those are disconnected there is NO getting them back.
    As I've posted elsewhere a shift to Comcast where my internet is and landline is about to go with almost apples to apples programming would save me in excess of a $1000 annually. Not $500, $1000+. I'm stuck because I read all about the PQ 1080 vs 720 stuff although my visits to other Comcast houses don't show me a PQ difference that bothers me, but I still worry about that. Still I've followed this racket enough to know that D* is a GT model Mustang car while Comcast is probably the bottom line L model. Does the over $1000 make my wife and I live paycheck to paycheck? No....but in principle, for the the next 24 months that's a lot of money and beginning to wonder if 24 years of being a D*/AT&T customer has much value anymore

    BJLC, who's your wireless carrier? I've been with AT&T/Cingular/SNET for the same 24 years. That may be my first severing of ties with the AT&T family this March when the Samsung Galaxy 10 is released.
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    The very people I was talking about "expecting" stuff. AT&T wouldn't make a profit if everyone "expected " something after this many years or their contract was up. Isn't that like getting benefits from social services? Nope! I meant entitlements. I'll eat my words - When my Premier package got too expensive I called to change to a lower and cheaper package. The CSR kept me in my package and discounted it for a number of months. No free equipment, free movies or what have you. So I guess I am one of those louses "expecting" stuff circa. 2007.

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    As I have stated many times the discount well isn't bottomless. Eventually you have to pay full price for what you subscribe to or tighten your belt.
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    Not sure which direction the comments were pointed, but I'll respond and say here what I said to AT&T Wireless this morning, who I've been with since 1998: "To go with Xfinity mobile (piggybacks on the Verizon network) will save me, literally, $500 a year, a little over $40 a month. I'm not asking you to match the price/savings, I've been with you since the 90's, can you meet me halfway, a gift card, anything?"

    I feel it's good business to call these people and at least give them a chance to match or reduce. And all they had to do was make an effort, come down some. The Xfinity TV and phone quotes are so far off. I'm not looking to get discounts just to get them from D*. I'm trying to stay loyal and I like the service I've received and maybe I'll come crying back after getting potentially sub standard service from Comcast, that remains to be seen. Forget phone, since this is a TV forum I don't have to tighten my belt and I'll get their top Triple Play. I said apples for apples, they're actually throwing in the premiums too, D*...no. And in 2 years when the promotion ends, this whole TV/streaming ballgame is going to be vastly changed and I'm not going out on much of a limb saying that.

    Technically they owe me nothing.

    But it's at two way street.
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    Aug 20, 2004
    well actually I never threaten to cancel.. I have asked how much time is on my contract..and I have mentioned that my phone provider has local cable.. I have not asked for Sunday ticket for two or three years.. at least not two.. I pay my bills on time.. and I have been with them for a ton of years.. I came here in 2004 and I had been with Directv before that ..I think that they have done alright by me.. I got the "biggest channel package when I first started.." and up until two months ago.. have had at least HBO for all this time. .locals were not in my area when I started.. but Pegasus was.. that's how far back I go.. and I avoided Pegasus by buying my receivers from Best Buy..I haven't caused Directv to give any of their employees holes in their shoes.. I have spent well by them..
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