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Discussion in 'IPTV Hardware' started by 1948GG, Mar 29, 2020.

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    This device was demo'd at ces, some minimal reviews from the usual sources, not many penetrating questions, although DigitalTrends had several that went unanswered.

    Basic overview of the device(s) is covered on their web site and the several reviews and youtube mini videos. But like any engineer, I wanted a close up view of the devices (ports and such at the top) and a specific listing of the technical specs, much of which is covered (but not answered) in the DigitalTrends piece. But here's a few more:

    The entire device(s) seems hung off wifi. So which type? Unknown. Is the tv dongle wifi only or can it be connected by wire (obviously the portable pad part is wifi, but is it connected to the whole home wifi cloud or to a shorter range off the tv hdmi dongle, as the pad can float between multiple tv dongles, and if that, why not use the much less crowded bluetooth??). Fyi, Samsung does (in its remotes). Trying to hang multiple tv dongles off wifi in a home is a recipe for rf disaster. I have 4 roku's, 2 on wire and 2 in wifi, both of those needing repeaters fed by 5ghz translating to 2.4ghz due to walls and distance. Complicating things is I have a fairly large multi unit apartment complex on the other side of my back yard that uses commercial wifi to feed internet to the units as part of their rent. Of course, it's both 2.4 and 5 as well, so both bands are pretty crowded, 2.4 especially of course. Did the designers think of this? Unknown as the actual specs as re nowhere to be found or revealed.

    The init price is pretty steep. I've been wondering for the last 3+ years as to why none of the streamer box folks haven't thought about just such a system. And just how much ai smarts does all of it take, and if Dabby goes under do these expensive hardware pieces join your analog vhs machine in your pile of obsolete tech junk. Now if such a system had the backing of roku or google or apple, it would change the entire landscape of streaming. But a company dependent on kickstarter, not so much.

    I'm kinda surprised that one of these major players hasn't snapped this up. Like right now. A 6 month review of the system by top hardware and software folks would probably do it a world of good.

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