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Daystar response to removal on dish

Discussion in 'Sky Angel (Closed Forum)' started by drfreeman, Oct 22, 2004.

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  1. drfreeman

    drfreeman Mentor

    Aug 14, 2004

    October 20, 2004

    Dear Concerned DISH Network Viewer,

    Joni and I are so sorry that Daystar has been taken off of the DISH Network nationally. This happened because Dominion Sky Angel won a recent Arbitration proceeding against EchoStar, the owner of the DISH Network. However, Daystar was not allowed to be a part of the Arbitration.

    Daystar has been carried on the DISH Network nationally for almost two years. We appreciate the Dish Network and their efforts to keep Daystar on.

    Below is a brief overview of the situation.

    In April 2003, Dominion Sky Angel filed a lawsuit to get three Christian Networks taken off of the DISH Network. The three Christian Networks were: Daystar, Family Net (Southern Baptists), and JCTV (TBN’s Youth Channel carried by Educating Everyone).

    In June 2003, the District Court Judge ruled in Sky Angel’s favor because of a technicality in their contract with the DISH Network.

    Immediately, the Tenth Circuit U. S. Court Of Appeals sided with DISH & Daystar and issued a stay of the District Court’s ruling. Then in January 2004, the Court Of Appeals sided again with DISH & Daystar and ruled that Daystar could stay on the DISH Network.

    Later Arbitration took place between DISH Network & Dominion Sky Angel and in September 2004, the Arbitrators ruled in Dominion’s favor; again over the technicality in their contract. But it is important to note that none of the Christian Networks, including Daystar, were allowed in the Arbitration proceeding to protect their rights.

    Though Dominion Sky Angel may have a contractual or legal right to remove Christian Networks from the DISH Network, it is our opinion that they don’t have the moral, spiritual, or Biblical right to do so. Their actions are in direct conflict with their own vision and mission statements which emphasize Christian unity and the Great Commission, where Jesus’ instruction in Matthew 28:19 said, “Go ye into all of the world and preach the gospel to every living creature.” Surely the Great Commission includes the 10 million homes (about 25 million people) that have the DISH Network.

    As a result of being on the DISH Network, (a secular platform), Daystar has been a part of many: salvations, restored marriages, averted suicides, and drug addicts delivered. Why would any Christian organization want to stop that?

    Dominion officials have said that the Court’s ruling will prove God’s will. Not true. The Courts ruled that abortion is the law of the land but that is not God’s will. The Courts ruled to remove prayer and the Bible out of public schools but that is not God’s will.

    Dominion Sky Angel (with only about 150 thousand subscriber homes) suing to get Daystar taken off of the DISH Network (10 million subscriber homes), would be like a small Church suing to get Bishop Jake’s 30,000 member Potter’s House Church thrown out of the city of Dallas or Joel Osteen’s 30,000 member Lakewood Church in Houston!

    Daystar has made several sincere efforts, including in the last few weeks, to reconcile with Dominion Sky Angel. But they have rejected those efforts and refused peaceful resolution. (Daystar still hopes that things can be resolved with Sky Angel.)

    Since Dominion Sky Angel can’t give a reasonable or Biblical justification for getting Daystar and the other Christian Networks taken off of the DISH Network, Sky Angel officials have resorted to attacking Daystar and Joni & me personally by sending out: false, inaccurate, and misleading information, innuendos, and taking things out of context in order to cast a negative spin against us.

    Yes, there are many things that Daystar could say and do, but at this time, we choose to just do what Jesus said, “Watch and pray.”

    We appreciate the following standing with Daystar in defending against the legal attacks: EchoStar (owner of the DISH Network), Southern Baptists, TBN, and TCT.

    We also appreciate the fact that virtually all of the major Christian TV ministries are standing with Daystar. (Plus, there are many Sky Angel subscribers supporting Daystar.)

    It is our sincere prayer that Dominion Sky Angel (and the Johnson family & Staff) will grow and be blessed. But don’t remove Daystar from the DISH Network.

    We believe that Sky Angel is a good thing and that the Johnson’s are sincere. So, even if the District Court ratifies the Arbitrator’s recent decision, our hope is that Dominion Sky Angel will do the right thing and allow the three Christian Networks, Daystar, Family Net, and JCTV to return to the DISH Network in order to reach the lost.

    On a personal note, there is no way I can adequately express the grief and loss that Joni and I feel for the Daystar viewers who are now unable to receive the Daystar Network, and for the untold millions of DISH viewers who have yet to receive the Lord’s salvation.

    Please stand with us in prayer as we continue to trust in the Lord to work this out for His glory! We are believing God that this situation will be turned around in a few weeks.

    So, here is how you can help:

    1) Pray for Daystar and Dominion Sky Angel for this to be worked out for the good of both sides.

    2) Call, or email, the DISH Network and thank them for carrying Daystar and “Vote” yes to let them know you want Daystar put back on the DISH Network.

    1-800-333-DISH (3474)

    www.dishnetwork.com (Click on Customer Care, then on Contact Us, then on email.)

    3) If you are not currently on our mailing list and would like to receive updates on this situation, please click on the link to fill out the online request form.


    Marcus D. Lamb


    Daystar Television Network
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