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    This is really bad...the admin at dbsforums are planning to keep people from discussing a perfectly reasonable dbs related subject...another example of the censorship going on over there...I will not be visiting that forum any more.

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    Well, I happen to agree that PQ discussions are just plain old and counter-productive. It has been established that the PQ between the two DBS providers is a virtual wash even though DirecTV has a slight advantage on some channels and Dish on a few others. A brief respite on the subject would be welcome.

    But what really gets my gourd is that whenever anyone is displeased with a decision over at the other forum, they come here and ***** about the administrative and editorial decisions over there. I really wish that folks posting here would just bring the discussion over here and keep the gripes with the people they have a gripe with. I would love to see this place lose the image it has of being the "***** about the other forum forums". :)

    If you or anyone reading this has a gripe with the other guys, take it up with them. Post your displeasure there. Then come here and discuss the subject without bringing them up! It's really easy. I would also hope that people excersize this the other way around if the occasion ever pops up.

    So Joseph, I ask why don't you ask one of the mods to close this discussion and you can start a new thread discussing the subject at hand.

    BTW, read what Dan wrote. It is being considered. It is not a done deal. So go over there and let him know your feeling in a rational message.

    BTW I am not a mod nor do I have any vested interest in either forum. I just want to see good discussion on DBS topics.

    See ya
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    Just my $.02 :
    Tony, you got to be joking, about the image this forum has........bitching about the other forums forum.
    I have never seen it here?
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    It has always been said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

    The same can be said about Picture Quality.

    You can have 100 people watch the same broadcast and 50 will say the PQ was great, the other 50 will say that the PQ is terrible.

    The reason for the vast opinions varies, but could have something to do with the Television set, such as the brightness, set size, type of set etc. While other people think that the quality if far better then anything they have ever seen on TV.

    Others are video purists, who have their sets properly calibrated. These folks know what good video should be like, many have watch pure satellite feeds off of a C Band satellite setup, so they know how good a picture can be.

    So it is my feeliing that 80% of the PQ posts are not really "big" problems, they are just a persons opinion on what they see. The other 20% are valid complaints (for example on January 1st when Must Carry started)

    So from this perspective I could see why DBSforums would frown upon PQ threads. And they are within their right to try to limit the amount of PQ talk as it does nothing but clutter up the place.

    DBStalk is not a place to bash DBSforums. All our regular members will tell you that while the topics may often be the same this place has a more comfortable feeling, while DBSforums is a fast moving forum. Most of not all the admins here visit and post on DBSforums often and we have seen many of the DBSforums admins and mods post here.

    I as an admin of DBStalk have no problem in saying that I would close a thread bashing DBSforums. Those types of messages were welcomed here in the past when we were getting started however now that we are better established and are a little more grown up, they would be frowned upon.

    We are a friendly place and are happy to have all here who care to join us. This forum will not be a house of hate. I thank everyone who makes us a regular stop as part of their daily internet browsing habbit.

    I will keep this thread open (for now) so that other may comments. I understand that not everyone will agree with me.

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    dbsforum censorship
    This is really bad...the admin at dbsforums are planning to keep people from discussing a perfectly reasonable dbs related subject...another example of the censorship going on over there...I will not be visiting that forum any more.

    You didn't happen to notice the :) simely face at the end of the comment did ya Joseph? Even wonder what 'it' might have meant?
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    Just became a member here last night..I did come here when you all first started, and I did think there was more bashing of DBS Forums than necessary.My take is that there is room for both.The more talking up of DBS the better. Good to be here and hope to contribute more in the future..
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    Welcome Tim! Glad to have you aboard!

    Enjoy your stay.

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    Dan didnt announce that PQ threads would be temp. banned for sure, he just said that its a possability, I too am tired of going in the Gereral Forum and seeing a bunch of PQ threads, but hey theres no one forcing me to read them. If you want to discuss PQ here feel free to. Let me ask you this, Joseph, what are you accomplishing by complaining about a desision that hasnt been made at another forum. You can always PM Dan or John and tell them how you feel.
    Just my $0.02, and now back to the show.
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    Hi Tim, and Welcome !! :)

    I've read some of your Local Programming posts at DBS Forums, they were always of interest to me because I live in North Canton. :) I just noticed in your profile where you live.*WOW*......we live pretty close to each other.

    Its a small world, if your place of employment is in North Canton area , my wife and I frequent that place as well. :)
    I'm close to the Akron-Canton airport.

    Hope to see ya around
  10. Guest

    Hey John thanks for your donation to the community chest :)
  11. Guest

    hope it helps. :)
  12. Guest

    Thanks for the kind words.. Before they took off signatures at DBS forums I considered calling myself, "The Resident TV historian at DBS Forums"..:) Just sent you E-mail.
    By the way how is the 501 working for you?..I am on the verge of getting one myself..Hope to catch you somewhere..Good to meet you.
  13. Guest

    Hi Tim, My 501 has worked well for me, I've read a ton of stories about them, but mine has been trouble free.
    This is my primary receiver also.

    I've had a 501 since Oct. 2001, worst that has happened to me is it locked up on me a couple times.It got real slow responsive on me once.....thats about it. All I had to do was push in the power button and hold for 5 sec's to do a reset and everything was fine.I never have lost any recordings.

    I'm not the so called power user either, I really don't do multiple things with it at once, so maybe thats why its been a stable machine.....dunno.

    Steve Jay Shem one of the moderators here is also getting ready to purchase one as well.

    Hope this helps. :)
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    Welcome Tim, Ill be getting my 501 on Feb16, I cant wait, it will be nice to record shows w/o tape and the DD out is a big plus for me. :)
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    It's perfect timing that when E* picture quality is improving, they want to stop picture quality discussions.

    I'm growing tired of the constant E* bashing. It's like you have to read dozens of useless messages to find a little tidbit of new information. How many times do I have to read post after post, from the same people, saying that D* has better recievers?

    How about they put a moratorium on bitchin about dishplayers, the merger, Charlie, picture quality of both providers...
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