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DC's WUSA9 off air midnight Nov 30 - NFL SUNDAY TICKET

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Programming' started by Mark Walters, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Mark Walters

    Mark Walters Legend

    Sep 21, 2009
    What does this mean for DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET? We have two games on local CBS WUSA - Pats @ Dolphins followed by Steelers @ Ravens. Since this is a D* dispute with WUSA9, will that mean that D* Sunday Ticket subscribers will still receive these games since they don't pertain to the blackout policies of the NFL? In other words will the NFL & D* open up channels 711 & 714 if this dispute lasts? I don't see how this should factor into my NFL & D* subscription. Anybody have any idea?

    This is from: http://www.wusa9.com/life/programming/direcTV.aspx

    Attention DirecTV Subscribers
    Starting at midnight November 30, WUSA may no longer be available on DirecTV. That means you could lose access to blockbuster college football and basketball, your favorite CBS entertainment programs and NFL football as well as your local news, weather and sports. Tell DirecTV to keep your CBS station, WUSA, by calling 1-888-777-2454.
    Information about WUSA on DirecTV
    In order for WUSA to be delivered to your home, we negotiate agreements for the rights to carry our station with video service providers like DirecTV. WUSA has agreements in place with all of the video providers in our area. In fact, we have never had a service disruption with a major distributor before. Just this past October, we successfully reached a multi-year agreement with DISH Network without any disruption for our viewers.

    Unfortunately, so far DirecTV has refused to reach a fair, market-based agreement with us - even though terms being offered are similar to those which allowed us to reach a deal with DISH Network just this past October. If a deal is not reached by midnight on November 30, DirecTV subscribers will lose access to WUSA.

    Q: Why is DirecTV refusing to reach an agreement to carry WUSA?

    A: We cannot speak for DirecTV. But here is what our viewers should know: WUSA is committed to reaching fair, market-based agreements with all the video service providers in our area. Our track record proves it. We have never had a service disruption with a major distributor. In fact, just this past October we reached a multi-year deal with DISH Network. The terms we are discussing with DirecTV are along the same lines as those which allowed us to reach a deal with DISH Network. So it has been disappointing that so far DirecTV has refused to reach an agreement.

    Q: If WUSA is off the DirecTV programming lineup, what can I do to avoid missing my favorite sports, news and entertainment programs?

    A: The good news is that you have choices. First, WUSA is available on other video service providers in our area including DISH Network, Comcast, Cox, Verizon FiOS and other local cable providers. And you can always get WUSA free over-the-air.
    Anne Arundel Broadband

    Antietam Cable
    Atlantic Broadband
    DISH Network
    Easton Utilities
    MetroCast Communications
    Open Band Multi-Media
    RCN Cable
    Shentel Cable
    Verizon FiOS www.aabroadband.net

    www.verizon.com/FiOS 1-410-987-9300

    To access WUSA free, over-the-air, locate an antenna that is suitable for your location. For best results, an outdoor antenna or an indoor antenna close to a window will work best. Antennas are available from most local retailers such as Best Buy and WalMart or specialty retailers such as Antennas Direct. (www.antennasdirect.com) For additional information on selecting an appropriate antenna, click here: www.antennaweb.org.

    Q: DirecTV says that WUSA is being unreasonable in its negotiations. Is that true?

    A: No. WUSA has successfully negotiated agreements with all the other providers in our area based on the same basic terms that are being offered to DirecTV. In fact, we just reached a deal with DISH Network in October.

    In any case, we do not believe customers should be dragged into the middle of business disputes. We know that what matters to you is getting what you pay for and not losing programs you love. That is why we are focused on reaching a fair, market-based deal as quickly as possible.

    Q: Isn't it unfair that I lose access to a channel that I'm paying for just because two companies can't reach a deal?

    A: We agree - it is unfair. After all, you pay your bill to DirecTV every month. You deserve the full set of channels you are paying for. That is why we are working hard to reach a fair, market-based deal with DirecTV based on similar terms to the deals we have with the other providers in our area. .
  2. fleckrj

    fleckrj Icon

    Sep 4, 2009
    Cary, NC
    The games that are on your local CBS station will be blacked out on Sunday Ticket regardless of whether DirecTV carries the CBS station. The local station has the rights to those games within their DMA. There is no way that the NFL or DirecTV can lift the Sunday Ticket blackout unless the local CBS station agrees to waive their rights, and I do not think there is any way that would happen.

    On the other hand, I expect the dispute will be settled without the stations ever going dark. Most of these do come down to the last day. The few that do go dark are the ones that everyone hears about, but the vast majority of carriage disputes are settled without the stations ever being taken off DirecTV.
  3. Red Dog

    Red Dog Godfather

    Aug 3, 2008
    I would imagine it would still be in the Game Mix.
  4. Mark Walters

    Mark Walters Legend

    Sep 21, 2009
    awesome guys - thanks
  5. tonyd79

    tonyd79 Hall Of Fame

    Jul 24, 2006
    Columbia, MD
    And Red Zone.

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