Digital Compacted C/Ku Feedhorn

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    ALMADHI New Member

    Apr 9, 2005
    ref : to the above title

    I am looking for a Digital compacted C/KU feedhorn which uses univerasal LNB for Ku - Bands instead od Wideband LNB the same as the C/Ku Feedhorn Chaparral . Is there now available in the markets ?

    Best Regards
  2. Richard King

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    Mar 25, 2002
    Almadhi... welcome to DBSTalk. I think you hold the record for the furthest poster here. I may have a Chaparral c/ku feedhorn sitting around here somewhere. It may take a day or two to find the time to dig it up, but I will post if I come up with it.

    ALMADHI New Member

    Apr 9, 2005
    To - Richard King , thank you for your prompt reply and welcoming me to DBSTalk

    The reason for looking for Digital Compacted C/Ku Feedhorn in one unit is this :-

    I have a 3.8 meters ( 12 feet ) Praclipse motorized dish antenna ( solid ) equiped
    H/H gearbox to move the dish from East to West across the Clarke belt . and another actuator to move the dish Up and down for inclined satellites .

    The dish is moving from the east at Palapa C2 at 113 deg. East all the way to the west at Intelsat 907 at 27,5 deg. west scanning almost 42 satellites which they have C-band transponders and Ku-band teransponders .

    the dish is right now is equiped C/Ku Feedhorn ( Chaparral ) with C-band
    LNB and Ku-Wideband LNB since 1992 during the Analogue system . But the dish is still working perfectly no proble with it .

    As you know the feedhorn uses the polariser servo motor control to change the polarity . The reason I want to change this old analogue C/Ku Feedhorn because Nowadays most satellites now transmit Digital system all transponders are digital very few analogue transponders , and the only available LNBs and feedhorns in the market are Universal LNB which is a compacted feedhorn and LNB in one unit for Ku-Band transmission and there are digital compacted feedhorn with C-band LNB in one unit called Extended C-Band LNBF which uses 14/18 V voltage switching to change polarity electronically .

    This means there are now two separate units , therefore I can not put two units at the focal point because there will be a displacement about 7 - 10 centimeters apart . which will set-off both feedhorns from the focal point . and there will be losses for both C-band signal and Ku-band signal .

    They say by 7.5 centimeters ( about 3 inches ) off the focal point would result in a gain loss of full 10 db , for Ku-band feedhorn , while doing the same with the C-band feedhorn would result in a gain loss of 1.5 db .

    For this reason I need the two digital units the Ku-unit and the C-band unit in one unit the same way as the old C/Kufeedhorn ( Chaparral ) to be installed at the focal point in order to avoide any losses in both signals Ku-signal & C-signal

    So is there now available a digital copacted C/Kufeedhorn in one unit .

    Best Regards

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