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Direct TV equip

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by -, Feb 11, 2002.

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    OK --

    Am a little confused about dual tuners & the like. So, very simply: I need Direct TV for two televisions. On one television, I'd like to have the DirecTivo service (meaning ability to watch one, tape a second program, or tape two simultaneously); on the other, I just need to be able to watch one channel, but independent from the first set. So what do I need? I know I need the dish with the two tuners, but what else? Splitters? Diplexers? Adenoids? Gears? Sprockets?

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    Hi wideguy, You will need a DirectTivo and another receiver.
    A cheap second one we would call a slave receiver.
    You will love the Tivo, I have a PVR, from Dish Network.
    Are you shopping around, most all installs now are free and the installer will provide everything needed, or are you going to hook it up yourself?

    I believe the Tivo will be an additional $9.99 a month or a lifetime fee of $249.00.

    The second receiver will cost an additional $4.99 per month.
    Have you looked into Dish Network as well?
    Im a Dish Network sub, so im trying to pass along what little I know. :)
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    I have UltimateTV, but the setup is the same.

    What I have is two RCA UTV receivers, one in my bedroom and on in the Family Room. Each of these must have two coax cable coming into the back of the receiver. I also have a third reciever (basic) in my den with one coax. What I have installed is a dual LNB dish on my roof (with two cables coming from it), a 2X6 multi-switch (bought from www.minidishes.tv for $54), and lots of RG6 cable. I have one open port on my multi-switch for future use.

    The pricing is $9.95 for UTV service (covers both receivers and the same price for DTivo if you don't go with the lifetime subscription) and $4.99 for each additional reciever. So my bill looks like this:

    Total Choice Plus - $39.99
    UTV Service - $9.95
    Add'l Receiver - $4.99
    Add'l Receiver - $4.99
    Total - $59.92

    You will love your DVR and you'll never use the work "tape" again. Acutally, my VCR died last month, and I don't even miss it!

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    You have 1 too many "Add'l Receiver" costs in there. He only needs 2 receivers total and the first one is free. Only the second one will cost him the mirroring fee of $4.99. So the total would be:

    Total Choice Plus - $39.99
    Tivo/UTV Service - $9.95
    Add'l Receiver - $4.99
    Total - $54.93
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    You might as well buy TWO DirecTivos, that way you can record on both. The 9.95 Tivo fee applies to as many DirecTivos as you own. If you're a new sub, buying TWO is only about 30-50 more than a DirecTivo and regular receiver.

    Check out www.expert-satellite.com
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    lol wow thats alot of money every month. either u guys are rich or may b work for DIRECTv and this is all some form of advertisment in attempts to sell more tivo.
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    Tivo is alot of money and trouble for a recording thats only temporary.True it should be a good quality recording,but if you want to save it permantly, you have to send it to VHS tape any way,or never record on the tivo again.30-60 hrs of hard disk space will go fast, I have 2 tv monitors,2 DSS recievers(both get nasatv ,of course}, and 2 new VCR`s ! All VHS tape is not the same. If you buy a higher quality tape rather than whats on sale, you will get good results and it will be PERMANENT un-like tivo.i am not gona pay extra monthly charge for equipment such tivo that i own out right. When a Linux distrubution comes out with thier own Ultimate TV ,ill consider that...heh (i have 2 pcs also,the other runs linux)
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    Umm... for what you get, it's cheaper than the cable equivolent + with cable you don't get Tivo functionality.
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    "lol wow thats alot of money every month. either u guys are rich or may b work for DIRECTv and this is all some form of advertisment in attempts to sell more tivo."

    I don't work for DirecTV, MS, Tivo, or anyone else involved in TV. I am a full-time National Guardsman. I have two UltimateTV receivers and I absolutely love the service. The next time you want to record something from sattelite, and you set your vcr to come on to record at 1:00 p.m., and your kid comes in and changes the channel to Toon Disney, you will want a digital video recorder:)

    Also, while watching the Olympics, it is awesome to be able to do instant replays. Anyone who owns a digital video recorder would never go back to trusting a vcr for everyday recording. It is easy to make permanent recordings to vcr, but most stuff just gets watched and erased.

    p.s. I'm not rich, but wish I was.

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