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DirecTiVo Codes and Tips (5/16/04-1/30/05)

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by Mark Holtz, May 16, 2004.

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  1. Mark Holtz

    Mark Holtz Day Sleeper DBSTalk Club

    Mar 23, 2002
    Sacramento, CA
    [size=+1]TiVo Codes & Shortcuts List[/size]

    Note: A "DirecTiVo" refers to DirecTV DVR receivers with TiVo. While they go by a variety of names and codes, the core code is the same. Many of these tips apply to standalone recorders as well.

    TiVo Shortcuts
    DirecTV-DirecTV or List - Now Playing List
    DirecTV-1 - Season Pass Manager
    DirecTV-2 - To Do List
    DirecTV-3 - Search Using Wishlists
    DirecTV-4 - Search by Title
    DirecTV-5 - Browse by Channel
    DirecTV-6 - Browse by Time
    DirecTV-7 - Record Channel/Time (manual record)
    DirecTV-8 - TiVo Suggestions
    DirecTV-9 - Showcases
    DirecTV-0 - Does nothing.

    TiVo Codes
    There are several codes that will activate some additional functionality to your DirecTiVo. When you have sucessfully entered a code, you will hear three "dings" indicating sucessful entry of the code. If your TiVo is rebooted or power cycled, you will need to re-enter the codes.

    While playing back a program
    Select-Play-Select-3-0-Select - Changes the "forward to next tick mark" function to 30 second skip. You can still use the skip to next tick mark function by using the fast-forward or reverse function.

    Select-Play-Select-Pause-Select - Activates the "quick disappear" of the progress bar when skipping forward or back. Pressing play will still bring up the status bar.

    Select-Play-Select-9-Select - Activates a clock in the lower-right corner of the screen. During playback, shows the elapsed time. May be outside of the viewable area of your TV. (Note: When you switch this code off, you will need to go to a menu to clear the display.)
    Screen shot with code activated

    Select-Play-Select-InstantReplay-Select - Toggles a Status display in the bottom right corner. Basically tells you which channel each tuner is tuned to. (Note: When you switch this code off, you will need to go to a menu to clear the display.)
    Screen shot with code activated

    While in the now playing list
    Slow-0-Record-Thumbs up - Activates the sorting function. Pressing 1 will sort by record date (default), 2 will sort by expiration date, and 3 will sort alphabetically.

    Season Pass Suggestions
    Even with two tuners, you will get occassional program conflicts. If there is a conflict, the program with the higher priority get recorded, and the program with the lower priority gets skipped. However, the DirecTiVo will record repeat airings. Here is a suggested way to organize your season passes:
    1. Programs that will air once only (i.e. The Amazing Race, American Idol, Survivor: Someplace in the middle of nowhere)
    2. Programs that will repeat at a later date (i.e. most network programming).
    3. Programs that have multiple airings during the week. (i.e. Star Trek: Enterprise, many cable shows).
    4. Programs that have an initial airing on one channel and repeats on another channel. (i.e. 24, but that was for the first two seasons). You will need to set up a wishlist.
    Important! By default, a newly created season pass or wishlist is placed at the end of the Season Pass list, and the default option is set to "Keep At Most: 5 Episodes". Be sure to change it to "All Episodes". Unfortunately, we can't change the default.

    If you are afraid of your kid's favorite program, Dora The Explorer, taking over the hard drive... don't. The "Keep At Most: 5 episodes" will keep the five most recent episodes. How about the nightly news? "Keep At Most: 1 episode".

    Tips and Tricks
    • When first setting up your TiVo, go into the program list and select "Paid Programming". Give it three thumbs down.
    • When viewing the guide, select "TiVo Live Guide". This is faster than the grid guide.
    • From the Now Playing list, you can press Play to play the selection, or Clear to erase the selection.
    • When you select a program for playback or selecting a program to be recorded, press the INFO button. You'll get complete details including actors and directors.
      Movie: Main Page - Info Page 1 - Info Page 2
      TV: Main Page - Info Page 1 - Info Page 2
    • MOVIE SIGN! Press DirecTV-4 and select "Movies", and then select a subcategory. Press 0. You will see all the movies scheduled for next two weeks.
    • Like Letterboxed programming? How about Subtitled films? Or even black and white films? Dolby surround? Set up a wishlist for "Audio & Video", then appropriate subcategory.
    • Season passes will only record programs on one channel, but list that program airing on any channel. (Try Yu-Gi-Oh! for an example. It will list the episodes airing on both your local WB station and Cartoon Network). Wishlists work across multiple channels.
    • Spend $50 and get a UPS for your TiVo. It will keep your TiVo running for a while during a power outage, especially since it takes several minutes for the TiVo to start up if there is a extremely brief interruption of power. If you have a powered switch, don't forget to get a UPS for that also. (A Phase III dish has a self-powered switch.)
    • Suggestions is programming that your TiVo thinks you may like based upon programs you have viewed and thumbs-up/thumbs-down recommendations. Suggestions will never be recorded instead of your normal program, and are the first programs to be deleted when space is needed. They will not interrupt live programming. They are also an excellent way to gauge how much space remains.
    • Scheduled recordings appear at the top of the Now Playing list with a red dot. Suggested programs appear at the bottom of the list with a red dot.
    Switching from a DishDVR
    • Remember, the TiVo uses a name-based recording system instead of a time-based recording. As an example, instead of recording the CBS station from 10-11 PM, you set up a season pass for CSI: Miami.
    • Manual recording should almost never be used except for certain circumstances. The Early Show runs five days a week, but on Friday's, they interview the latest person voted off. You would set a manual timer to just record Friday's show, and the DirecTiVo will make a best guess as to the show title.
    • When you first get your DirecTiVo, the fourteen-day program guide takes about 24-48 hours to load up. You may not be able to set up all of your season passes right away. Don't panic! Just wait a few hours.
    • The programming data is constantly being fed to your DVR, so it's not necessary to turn it off. The standby mode simply stops the output from the TiVo to the TV using the RF output.
    Please PM me or post in the board your suggestions.
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