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DirecTV Adds Norfolk Locals

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by Steve Mehs, Jun 26, 2002.

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  1. Steve Mehs

    Steve Mehs Hall Of Fame

    Mar 21, 2002
    DirecTV said it will deliver local channels for subscribers in Norfolk, Va., by late August - expanding to 48 the number of markets the satellite TV company will serve with local TV packages.

    DirecTV, which currently offers local channels in 43 major metropolitan markets, began offering local channels in Hartford, Conn., and Las Vegas in May. The company said it expects to begin local channel service in Providence, R.I., in mid-July, followed by Oklahoma City and Buffalo, N.Y., in late July. Grand Rapids, Mich., local channels will be offered later this summer.

    DirecTV said it plans to offer local channels in 51 markets by year-end, representing more than 67 percent of U.S. television households. The new markets will receive local channels from a satellite at the 119-degree orbital slot, requiring the use of a multi-satellite capable system.

    From SkyReport (Used with Permission)
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