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Directv & Comcast Sports at odds

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Programming' started by Oilfan, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Jan 8, 2009 #1 of 48

    Oilfan Godfather

    Jul 18, 2004

    Executives from DirecTV, the largest U.S. satellite TV provider, said Comcast is asking for increases of 25 to 40 percent for its subscribers to be able to view games of teams like the National Basketball Association's Boston Celtics and National Hockey League's San Jose Sharks.

    The dispute could impact nearly 2 million DirecTV subscribers and also includes programming for other sports franchise like the San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics baseball teams and the Golden State Warriors basketball team on the Bay Area sports network.
  2. Jan 8, 2009 #2 of 48

    Barmat Godfather

    Aug 26, 2006
    If D* and Comcast cann't come to an agreement and D* loses Comcast Bay Area I'll drop D*. Faster then Randy Johnsons fastball in his prime.
  3. Jan 8, 2009 #3 of 48

    Pepster Legend

    Oct 29, 2008

    How ironic. One of the main reasons that I wound up at DirecTV is Dish Network's inability to come to terms with YES which carries to of my local teams (Yankees & Nets).
  4. Jan 8, 2009 #4 of 48

    ajc68 Icon

    Jan 23, 2008
    Of course that's what Comcast is hoping for. I really believe they want to have their RSN's off satellite to drive customers to its cable. Look no further than Philadelphia and Portland as examples of this. I have a bad feeling about where this is headed. It will be interesting to see what the arbitrator rules.
  5. Jan 8, 2009 #5 of 48

    colebert Legend

    Aug 19, 2007
    Does this impact MLB:EI on D*?
  6. Jan 8, 2009 #6 of 48

    paulman182 Hall Of Fame

    Aug 4, 2006
    When this kind of things happens with Dish, the channels go away.

    When it happens with DirecTV, it gets worked out.
  7. Jan 8, 2009 #7 of 48

    Piratefan98 Icon

    Mar 11, 2008
    Hopefully it will pan out that way again. I like watching the Washington Capitals on Comcast Sportsnet, and would hate to lose that particular channel.

  8. Jan 8, 2009 #8 of 48

    TimGoodwin Icon

    Jun 29, 2004

    It looks like it's just the Bay area and in Boston. I hope!
  9. Jan 8, 2009 #9 of 48
    Red Dog

    Red Dog Godfather

    Aug 3, 2008
    CSN Mid Atlantic doesn't have much leverage to try that here. They only have 2 major sports properties (Caps and Wiz) and it's not like they are wildly popular in the DC area to begin with.

    Frankly, except for Caps playoff games, I hardly watch it. It's a terrible FSN 'affiliate,' which is one reason why I subscribe to the sportspack in college football and hoops season.

    I can see this working in a place like Boston though.
  10. BJM

    BJM Godfather

    Dec 9, 2006
    Looking closely at the Reuters story, the story implies that the "40%" increase proposed is as a result of "dropping games" of the A's and Sharks. So is Comcast trying to negotiate its channels separately, that is CSNBA v. CSNBA Plus?
  11. Araxen

    Araxen Icon

    Dec 18, 2005
    Good, I hope you and everybody else in that area will pay all for the 40% increase because I surely don't want it tacked on to my bill.
  12. 1948GG

    1948GG Icon

    Aug 4, 2007
    BINGO. Look at it strictly from a predatory standpoint (where the cablecos have been for well over 50 years now).

    Here comes a competitor, that can pretty easily 'invade' the territory you've paid GOOD MONEY (to the politicians) for, to get pretty much unrestricted and exclusive access to the customer base. You find that the #1 reason those customer 'flip' to the newcomer is Pro Sports. The vast majority of those franchises have tv deals either with small independent carriers (YES, NESN), or with large multi-state concerns that aren't strictly aligned with your company (Fox Sports Net, etc.).

    So, you simply engage in a multi-year plan to 'peal away' those contracts to your own multi-state 'outfit'. If your pockets are deep (and the cablecos are pretty much like the telcos), they are. Maybe 5-10 years later, you'll be in a position to hurt this 'newcomer'.

    All program suppliers, irrespective of small wobbles like the Aldelphia 'rules', should be forced into arbitration. Just remember all the 'noise' from Congress when MLB ExInn wanted to go exclusive with DirecTV...? Notice that when the cablecos try the same thing, you never hear a peep.

    'All Politics Is Local'. And all those cablecos are 'local' in the communities. They say 'jump' and the local pols say 'how high'. They know which side their bread is buttered one (franchise fees are a HUGE item on most communities income base).
  13. DCSholtis

    DCSholtis Up The Irons!

    Aug 7, 2002
    Agreed. Things like this don't happen to D*. Expect a resolution.
  14. pfueri

    pfueri Godfather

    Jan 22, 2007
    Directv will just charge more ! That's the only resolution Directv work's out . More money !
  15. jimmyv2000

    jimmyv2000 Hall Of Fame

    Feb 15, 2007
    Manchester NH
    It better not happen in Boston
    Or i will be forced to cancel and get COMCRAP and have to pay huge $$ to run an underground line to my house.:mad:
    (BLANK) That
    I hope an agreement will be reached
    My commitment runs out 2/13/09
  16. mx6bfast

    mx6bfast Hall Of Fame

    Nov 8, 2006
    My thoughts exactly.
  17. evan_s

    evan_s Hall Of Fame

    Mar 3, 2008
    Comcasts behavior seems to support this pretty well. As someone who is already dealing with this issue in the portland area it seems par for the corse for Comcast. I'm just glad I'm not originally from the area and so not a ducks or Blazers fan so don't really end up caring about CSN NW but I still hate Comcasts tactics.
  18. celticpride

    celticpride Icon

    Sep 6, 2006
    I just hope it doesnt impact any of the nba league pass games,I would be angry if i couldnt watch my celtics.
  19. paulman182

    paulman182 Hall Of Fame

    Aug 4, 2006
    Sorry, if there is an increase you'll have to pay a small portion of it, just as he will have to pay a small portion of any increase caused by higher rates on your favorite channels.
  20. Dusty

    Dusty Icon

    Sep 21, 2006
    I won't be so sure about that. Comcast Sportsnet Northwest only has one major sports property. Didn't stop them to call it a "premium" channel. Two years without a resolution here already.

    I privately see this as a good news for me. It's better to have 17 million subscribers with the same problem than 500 thousands here.

    I actually only hope NBA to lilft the blackout rules on league pass. I don't need others to subsidize my interest. I'd be happy to pay for it if my team is not blacked out from me.

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