DirecTV Considers Options in Piracy Case

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    DirecTV is looking at its legal options after a California judge recently dismissed charges against nearly two dozen defendants allegedly involved in satellite piracy.

    The case centers on a federal lawsuit filed against 80 individuals DirecTV said it believes trafficked illegal satellite signal theft equipment from Canada for sale in the United States. The imported technology - which included pirated access cards and devices used to re-program those cards - enabled those who purchased the devices to unscramble and view DirecTV programming without authorization.

    A Los Angeles federal court dismissed several of the piracy charges last year. The judge overseeing the case also ruled recently that since those charges were dismissed there are no claims left in the court's jurisdiction.

    "We disagree, since there are defendants that live in California that fall under the court's jurisdiction," Mercer said. "Despite this unfortunate procedural setback, we are exploring our options to pursue these individuals in other legal proceedings. There is still some clarification needed in the judge's order."

    There were 23 cases or individuals dismissed as a result of the court ruling, "and we will likely pursue them in other jurisdictions," Mercer said. There are three California defendants DirecTV believes fall under the court's jurisdiction, something the company is taking up with the judge, Mercer said.

    DirecTV has settled with 10 defendants involved with the case, Mercer said, the conclusions for which cannot be disclosed. Another 19 defendants "defaulted," or never appeared in court, and Mercer said those defendants will be pursued in courts that have jurisdiction for the cases. The rest couldn't be located, and there are others that have either passed away or were discharged in bankruptcy, Mercer said.

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