Directv discounts for AT&T retirees

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by drpjr, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. drpjr

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    Nov 23, 2007
    My wife is retired (long ago) AT&T. We just found out AT&T offers retirees many discounts on services they provide. Apparently this has been going on for a while now.
    All discounts require an un-bundled bill and paperless billing for Directv.

    Cell service 30% off. 40% off in store accessories. (not Bose, Beats, JBL etc)

    Home phone and internet 20% off

    Directv 20% off programming packages. HD Extra and Regional Sports Fee have no discount.
    Advanced Receiver, Whole Home DVR and Additional TV fees are free for main box and three additional locations.

    Protection Plan is unavailable but is replaced with free "Friends and Family" program for coverage. All truck roll service and equipment replacement are no charge.

    NFL Ticket Max and Red Zone package are free.

    Our new statement for an HR54, 2 HR 24's and a HR20:

    Billing Period: 04/18/18 to 05/17/18
    Previous Balance $0.00
    Payment 0.00
    BALANCE 0.00
    DIRECTV Channels
    1. PREMIER (all included) 144.80
    3. Regional Sports Fee 7.49
    SUBTOTAL 157.28
    Total New Charges 157.28
    TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $157.28

    Needless to say we are pleased.
  2. drpjr

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    Nov 23, 2007
    A week and 130+ views and not one snarky comment about the crappy service?? Come on people , you're slipping.
  3. MysteryMan

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    May 17, 2010
    I've been a DIRECTV customer for 23 years and am quite pleased. The few issues I experienced in all that time were resolved to my satisfaction. That said, you won't get any snarky comments about crappy service from me.
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  4. SledgeHammer

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    Dec 28, 2007
    I'll give you a snarky comment :). I wouldn't be so pleased if I were you... I've never worked for AT&T or DirecTV a day in my life and I'm getting 45% off my bill. No coupons, no friend connections, no dealer discounts or anything like that. I'm just some random schmuck getting that through the retention department. I'm on the "secret" Preferred Xtra, so no RSN fee either. I'm not a big spender either... I've only got one outlet.

    EDIT: I thought of another snarky comment for you :)… I'm getting 90% off my AT&T cell service by switching to T-Mobile :D.

    EDIT #2: I've been with DirecTV since 2002 and have a 5 star customer rating or whatever, so the 2 or 3 times I've needed truck rolls or equipment replacements over the years, they've comp'ed everything.

    EDIT #3: Oh yeah, land line is 75% off by switching to Cox. Internet is not even a real comparison. $70/mo on AT&T for 100Mbps vs. $99/mo on Cox for 1Gbps. Cox 1Gbps also has no data cap.

    Honestly, if I was DirecTV, I'd tell me to hit the bricks. I'm only paying $73 a month after all the discounts, so I'm hardly worth the trouble to "keep happy" lol...
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  5. tegelad

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    Nov 15, 2006
    Lets see ... 3Megabit top speed on their 4G internet with 5 bars at $140/month before discount or Google Fi with bill protection and device protection at a bill that gets capped at $145 and since we only use 2-4GB because of wifi our bills are usually $65-80 for 40-110Mb .....

    home voice service .... $25 on ooma office with a full fledged 4 line VOIP service ....

    You have zero internet service where I am at ....

    $250/mth for 3 TVs and Genie2 and I know the deepest discounts available take you down to $150 for 12 months ....

    Service that has fallen off a cliff since the death star "graced DirecTV with its ineptitude", lack of innovation since 2015 (and no Genie 2 is not innovative it is the same speed as the HR20 was on launch). Quality is stagnant ... prices that have skyrocketed in 3 years $8,$7,$6 for packages in some case and increases in RSN from 0-2 upwards ...

    My statement has been Quality, Service and Cost ... give me 2 out of the 3, and in 2018 they delivered on maybe 1 ... Quality if I don't count on the slow response of the C61K, the white screens, the slower then usual handling of the Genie2, and the haphazard content and missed recordings is really like a 0.6 ... so I will round up ....

    So ... do enjoy the service (I did from May 1995 until Nov 2015 .... and then I watched ATT destroy all the value of this once proud and stellar product. The best thing ATT could do is sell off Directv and merge with Time Warner .... then they could properly finish their implosion and if Sprint+Tmobile link up maybe become the 4th best carrier solution on the market ....

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