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Directv DTVURC3G remote. What box works?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by beachlover, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. beachlover

    beachlover Mentor

    Feb 27, 2010
    Found an older Directv remote. I like the way it feels. Can anyone shed light on which receivers / dvr's it might work with? And if anyone knows where to get programming instructions?
  2. captainspank

    captainspank New Member

    Aug 3, 2007
    I think most of the time it is referred to as the "Blue remote" just do a Google search for "Program Directv Blue Remote and you should be able to find info..

    Since it is older it probably won't support newer receivers or TVs... I got this stuff from Ehow

    You need to turn on your television set.

    On your DirecTV remote, press the "TV" button once.

    Now, press and hold the "Setup" button until the "TV" light goes off.

    Enter "991" on your remote control, using the numeric keypad. The "TV" light on the remote should blink twice.

    Aim your remote at the television and slowly alternate between pressing "TV and "Power" on your remote, until the television set turns off. Once it turns off, press "Setup" on your remote control to lock in the code.

    To search for codes for other devices and program them into your remote, repeat Steps 1 to 5, but use the appropriate key for your device instead of "TV."

    I've made a list of remote codes for the TERK DTVR Universal DirecTV Remote ("Blue Remote") to control different DirecTV receiver.

    Programming DIRECTV Control:
    1. On the Remote, press Sat, then hold the Setup button, until the Sat button blinks twice.
    2. Enter the 4-digit remote code for your receiver model.

    DIRECTV Reviever Setup Codes:
    •Hughes (most models) -- 0749
    •Hughes models GAEB0, GAEB0A, GCEB0, GCEB0A -- 1749
    •GE models GRD33G2A, GRD33G3A -- 0566
    •GE model GRD122GW -- 0866
    •Hitachi model HDS210R -- 0819
    •Mitsubishi HD models SRHD400, SRHD500 -- 0749
    •Panasonic models TZ-DBS01, TZ-DRD100 -- 0247
    •Panasonic models TUIRD10, TUIRD20 -- 0701
    •Philips models DSX5150R, DSX5250R/I, DSX5350R, DSX5454R, DSX5353X, DSX5375R -- 1076
    •Philips HD model DSHD800R -- 0749
    •Proscan model PRD8630A -- 0566
    •Proscan model PRD8650B -- 0766
    •RCA models DRD102RW, DRD203RW -- 0866
    •RCA models DRD301RA, DRD302RA, DRD303RA, DRD403RA, DRD703RA -- 0566
    •RCA models DRD502RB, DRD503RB, DRD505RB, DRD515RB, DRD523RB, DRD705RB -- 0766
    •RCA models DRD202RD, DRD221RD, DRD222RD, DRD223RD, DRD225RD, DRD420RE, DRD440RE, DRD460RE, DRD480RE, DRD430RG, DRD431RG, DRD450RG, DRD451RG, DRD485RG, DRD486RG -- 0392
    •RCA model DTC-100 -- 0492
    •Samsung model SIR-S60W -- 1109
    •Samsung models SIR-S70, SIR-S75 -- 1309
    •Sony models SAT-A1 and SAT-B1 -- 0639
    •Sony models SAT-A2, SAT-B2 -- 0739
    •Sony models SAT-A3, SAT-B3, SAT-A4, SAT-B4 -- 0839
    •Sony models SAT-A50, SAT-A55, SAT-B50, SAT-B55, SAT-HD100 -- 0939
    •Sony models SAT-A65, SAT-A65A, SAT-B65, SAT-B65A -- 1039
    •Toshiba model DST-3000 -- 1749
    •Uniden model UDS100 -- 0724
    •Zenith model DTV1080 -- 1856

    PVR Setup Codes:
    •Hughes/Tivo model GXCEBOT -- 1142
    •Philips/Tivo model DSR6000R -- 1142
    •RCA UltimateTV model DWD490RE -- 1492
    •Sony/Tivo model SAT-T60 -- 1639
    •Sony UltimateTV model SAT-W60 --1739
  3. beachlover

    beachlover Mentor

    Feb 27, 2010

    Very good info.

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