DirecTV employees say AT&T's handling of the merger bred dysfunction

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by jeret, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. b4pjoe

    b4pjoe New Member

    Nov 19, 2010
    I suppose low-value subscribers are the ones that call up looking for discounts. Like almost everyone here. Well I guess I can take my $250 per month elsewhere. I can get a lot of streaming options for $250 per month.
  2. GordonGekko

    GordonGekko Active Member

    Dec 5, 2015
    I remember reading this as a direct quote from an ATT exec in a recent earnings call, does anyone know what that statement truly means because since the ATT merger, I've found that they are handing discounts out like candy.

    Actually, I believe they are referring to those low Directv NOW rates they offered in the beginning for the top tier packages.
  3. dod1450

    dod1450 Legend

    Dec 16, 2009
    What does this mean???
  4. b4pjoe

    b4pjoe New Member

    Nov 19, 2010
    Handing them out like candy? I had to beg about 5 different CSR's to get $50 per month off for 12 months last September. When I finally got it they tried to tell me how big of a favor they were doing for me and made me feel like AT&T was going broke because of it.
  5. slice1900

    slice1900 Well-Known Member

    Feb 14, 2013
    If you are paying $250 a month, even if you get a discount bigger than anyone else here, you are still a high value customer.

    They are talking about Directv Now customers who signed up at promotional rates, and Directv customers who signed up with a two year price lock at a low rate. I think they want to get rid of having really good signup deals that get customers to sign up but leave to someone else for the next deal as soon as they can. They lose money on those people, they shouldn't waste their time signing them up.

    That will hurt their subscriber totals for the short term, but in the longer term the remaining customers will be higher average revenue and stickier. They can't compete with the deals cable companies offer for people who get broadband + TV anyway.
  6. GordonGekko

    GordonGekko Active Member

    Dec 5, 2015
    Because you have to read through these threads, I will offer a PSA which I have done several times: Check, they have a years old thread that documents what the average discounts are, you can't simply call retentions, check that site for more details, also you tend to get better offers when you are a 1 to 5 year subscriber rather than a 10 plus year subscriber.
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  7. NashGuy

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    Jan 30, 2014
    Nashville, TN
    Yeah. In fact, I think Uverse TV was about the only sizable MVPD that actually *gained* subscribers last year. AT&T still doesn't actively advertise Uverse TV -- they've pretty much gotten rid of Uverse branding in all of their marketing. I chalk the increase in Uverse TV subs up to the fact that AT&T Fiber home broadband service has been expanding pretty aggressively the past year or so and I would bet that most folks who get that, and who also want cable TV, are MUCH more likely to opt for Uverse TV than they are to get a dish stuck on their roof.

    FWIW (not much, ha), my AT&T installer a year ago said he had been told that they would cease new Uverse TV installs later in 2018, which obviously didn't happen. At that time, of course, AT&T CEO Stephenson was also talking about their upcoming streaming DTV service launching before the end of 2018. That's now pushed back to this spring (last I read). I still tend to think that once that new service launches and proves itself, that's what AT&T will offer as TV service with home broadband, not Uverse TV, which will eventually be killed.
  8. James Long

    James Long Ready for Uplink! Staff Member Super Moderator DBSTalk Club

    Apr 17, 2003
    Increasing, but still less customers than they had in 2011 and 39% less than the peak in 2014. Sadly DIRECTV's 2018 finish was about the same as they had in 2010 (19.222 million). DIRECTV is 9% off of their peak in 2016. As negative as people have been about DIRECTV NOW, they still added 440k subscribers in 2018 (38% increase). UVERSE added 50k, DIRECTV satellite lost 1.2 million.

    I believe they are meeting customers where they are. The initial "convert UVERSE to DIRECTV" push could have been due to bonuses given to employees for signing up new accounts. We see that within DIRECTV (to a certain extent) where some sales people try to sign up existing customers with a new account. There were probably DIRECTV satellite customers who were encouraged to sign up for UVERSE by salespeople wanting to sign up "new customers".

    Giving people what they want is a better approach. If they are in a UVERSE area why not sign customers up for UVERSE instead of DIRECTV NOW or satellite? There is no reason for AT&T|DIRECTV to turn away customers who want to pay for UVERSE.
  9. dreadlk

    dreadlk Hall Of Fame

    Sep 18, 2007
    I think that trying to use previous statements by ATT or trying to figure out what they will do next is pointless!

    After the last few loses I would figure the old playbook is being rewritten right now and we will have to wait and see what direction they go in. One thing I don’t see happening is Dish buying DTV.
    They don’t have the money and it would be insanely complicated to make it work.
  10. Soccernut

    Soccernut AllStar

    Jan 19, 2004
    Corporations are run by people, but some are not decent people, most business people are decent and very interested in progress and customer satisfaction and the ones that are not are just interested in decadence, status, deceit.
  11. compnurd

    compnurd Hall Of Fame

    Apr 23, 2007
    Evans City PA
    And most smaller companies care. But conglomerates like ATT. Verizon Comcast and such don’t
  12. TANK

    TANK Icon DBSTalk Club

    Feb 16, 2003
    If that article is correct- I doubt they will ever correct the pixelation problems.

    Moving call centers over seas is a message that AT&T doesn't care. It also explains why I had so much trouble cancelling the NFLST and getting a bill corrected.
    Anyone in FL with NFLST get a huge increase in FL sat taxes ?
  13. Soccernut

    Soccernut AllStar

    Jan 19, 2004
    Sadly you're are correct! And we are all going along for the horrific ride :)
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  14. jdh8668

    jdh8668 Legend

    Nov 7, 2007
    At&t's customer service is absolutely atrocious! Twice I have had their agents on chat flat out lie to what they could do for me. I saved all the transcripts and sent them to the FCC. Both times I got calls from AT&T's Vice President's office within a week, making things right. My year is up in a few weeks and it will be time to do battle again. Got a $60 discount off per month this past year.

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