DirecTV for Tablets - New Channels Available For Streaming

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Connected Home' started by Athlon646464, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. inkahauts

    inkahauts Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2006
    I have a feeling within a year everyone will have all these kinds of streaming channels. DIRECTV included.
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  2. Jacksmyname

    Jacksmyname New Member

    Nov 11, 2014
    South Carolina
    I'm using the DirecTV app on a Samsung 10" tablet. Your sister is right. The app is terrific, adds a lot of fun to being a customer of D*.
  3. Coachbulldog

    Coachbulldog Member

    Nov 17, 2014
    I hope you're correct. If not, Directv is going to be the target of more than a few sports fans during the college bowl season.
  4. KyL416

    KyL416 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 10, 2005
    Tobyhanna, PA
    It's not via the DirecTV app, but today DirecTV was added to FX Now, Fox Now and Nat Geo TV.

    Also, for those who want more out of home streaming, Viacom has added live streams to their MTV, VH1, CMT and Logo apps.
  5. cypherx

    cypherx Hall Of Fame

    Aug 27, 2010
    PA - Berks...
    Interesting about the Viacom streaming. A new deal must have been reached since MTV2 HD is in test mode.
  6. KyL416

    KyL416 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 10, 2005
    Tobyhanna, PA
    The addition of live streams isn't DirecTV specific, DirecTV has always had access to Viacom's TV Everywhere apps as part of the renewal deal they made after the dispute in 2012.

    I doubt the addition of MTV2 HD was a result of a new deal considering how recent the last deal with Viacom was made, more like the success of D14's launch means that they no longer need to reserve space for some seasonal events that don't happen until late spring. (i.e. the tennis and golf tournaments usually take up their own set of HD Cinema channels seperate from the ones that usually go down nightly for RSN alternates and non-carried RSNs for sports channels)
  7. Athlon646464

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    Feb 23, 2007
    Uxbridge, MA
    Update: DirecTV Android App Gets 13 More Live Streaming channels, Lollipop Support

    ( - This update brings the number of streaming channels to 110, with 51 available outside of your wifi's reach.

    (Personal comment: The update also fixed an issue with video not streaming on some tables with Lollipop. All is good now, including streaming once again on my Nexus 7(2013).)

    Full Story Here

    Complete List Here

  8. KyL416

    KyL416 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 10, 2005
    Tobyhanna, PA
  9. Coachbulldog

    Coachbulldog Member

    Nov 17, 2014
    Thank you for posting this. Good news, but I have question about it. Why does Directv require viewers use their app to stream Fox Sports 1 and 2 and not support the Fox Sports Go app? Seems a bit odd since customers can use their Directv login to watch programs on the Fox Now and FX Now apps.

    Directv is almost at the point where they will be able to retain me as a customer. The day they announce they have an agreement to support the Watch Disney apps (ABC, ABC Family, Disney, Disney Junior, Disney HD) I am going to take advantage of my free upgrade and renew my agreement with them.
  10. KyL416

    KyL416 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 10, 2005
    Tobyhanna, PA
    Fox tends to keep their broadcasting, news, entertainment and sports seperate. i.e. Century Link has everything except Fox Now, Verizon FiOS and RCN have Fox Now and Fox News Go but none of the others, Charter has everything except Fox News Go, while Dish has Fox Now but none of the other ones.

    Fox Sports Go might be a little more complicated contract wise since it isn't limited to simulcasts of FS1 and FS2, it also includes content from Fox Deportes, FSN, Fox as well as some digital only content. It also might take longer to implement because of the regional restrictions on some of the content.
  11. mws192

    mws192 Godfather

    Jun 17, 2010
    Additional HBO and Cinemax channels were added to the iOS apps this week, both in home and out.

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  12. mws192

    mws192 Godfather

    Jun 17, 2010
    I hadn't come across this before, but DirecTV has a comprehensive listing on their site:

    In-Home Streaming
    1. 5 Star Max
    2. Action Max
    3. A&E
    4. AMC
    5. Animal Planet
    6. Audience Network
    7. axsTV (formerly HDNet)
    8. BBC America
    9. beIN SPORTS HD
    10. beIN SPORTS Espanol HD
    11. BET HD
    12. Big Ten Network
    13. Bloomberg HD
    14. Bravo
    15. Cartoon Network
    16. Cinemax HD East
    17. CMT HD
    18. CNBC
    19. CNN
    20. Comedy Central HD
    21. Cooking Channel HD
    22. Crime & Investigation
    23. Destination America HD
    24. Discovery Channel
    25. DIY Network HD
    26. E!
    27. Encore Action
    28. Encore HD East
    29. Food Network
    30. Fox Business
    31. Fox News
    32. Fox Sports 1
    33. Fox Sports 2
    34. FX
    35. FXX
    36. FYI
    37. Galavision HD
    38. Golf Channel
    39. H2 HD
    40. Hallmark
    41. Hallmark Movie Channel
    42. HBO Comedy East
    43. HBO Family East
    44. HBO Latino East
    45. HBO Signature East
    46. HBO West
    47. HBO Zone
    48. HBO2 East
    49. HBO2 West
    50. HBO HD East
    51. HDNet Movies
    52. HLN
    53. HGTV
    54. History
    55. IFC HD
    56. Investigation Discovery HD
    57. ION East HD
    58. Lifetime
    59. Lifetime Movie Channel HD
    60. Max Latino
    61. Max West
    62. More Max
    63. Movie Max
    64. Thriller Max
    65. MegaTV
    66. MGM HD
    67. MLB Network
    68. MSNBC
    69. MTV HD
    70. Nat Geo
    71. Nat Geo Wild HD
    72. NBA.TV
    73. NBC Sports HD
    74. NFL Network
    75. NHL Network
    76. Nickelodeon East HD
    77. Ovation
    78. OWN HD
    79. Palladia HD
    80. QVC
    81. Reelz
    82. Science Channel
    83. Shorts
    84. Showtime 2
    85. Showtime Beyond
    86. Showtime Extreme
    87. Showtime HD
    88. Showtime Next
    89. Showtime Showcase
    90. Showtime West
    91. Showtime Women
    92. Smithsonian
    93. Sony Movie Channel
    94. Spike HD
    95. Starz Cinema
    96. Starz Comedy
    97. Starz Edge
    98. Starz HD East
    99. Starz In Black
    100. Starz Kids & Family
    101. Starz West
    102. SyFy
    103. TBS
    104. Tennis Channel
    105. TLC
    106. TMC HD
    107. TMC Xtra
    108. TNT
    109. Travel Channel
    110. truTV
    111. Turner Classic Movies HD
    112. TVLand HD
    113. TWC Deportes HD
    114. TWC Sports Net
    115. Unimas HD
    116. Universal HD
    117. Univision
    118. Univision Deportes HD
    119. USA
    120. Velocity
    121. VH1 HD
    122. Weather Channel
    123. WeatherNation

    Out of Home:
    1. 5 Star Max
    2. Action Max
    3. Audience Network
    4. axsTV (formerly HDNet)
    5. beIN SPORTS HD
    6. beIN SPORTS Espanol HD
    7. Big Ten Network
    8. Bloomberg HD
    9. Cinemax HD East
    10. Cooking Channel HD
    11. DIY Network HD
    12. Encore Action
    13. Encore HD East
    14. Food Network
    15. Fox Business
    16. Fox News
    17. Fox Sport 1
    18. Fox Sport 2
    19. FX
    20. FXX
    21. HBO Comedy East
    22. HBO East
    23. HBO Family East
    24. HBO Latino East
    25. HBO Signature East
    26. HBO Zone
    27. HBO West
    28. HBO2 East
    29. HBO2 West
    30. HGTV
    31. Max Latino
    32. Max West
    33. More Max
    34. Movie Max
    35. Thriller Max
    36. MegaTV
    37. Nat Geographic
    38. Nat Geo Wild
    39. NBA.TV
    40. QVC
    41. Reelz
    42. Shorts
    43. Showtime 2
    44. Showtime Beyond
    45. Showtime Extreme
    46. Showtime HD
    47. Showtime Next
    48. Showtime Showcase
    49. Showtime West
    50. Showtime Women
    51. Sony Movie Channel
    52. Starz Cinema
    53. Starz Comedy
    54. Starz Edge
    55. Starz HD East
    56. Starz In Black
    57. Starz Kids & Family
    58. Starz West
    59. Tennis Channel
    60. TMC HD
    61. TMC Xtra
    62. Travel Channel
    63. Weather Channel
    64. WeatherNation
    65. Univision Deportes
  13. KyL416

    KyL416 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 10, 2005
    Tobyhanna, PA
    Some more changes:

    Now available in home:

    Now available out of home (previously in home only):
    BBC America
    HDnet Movies
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  14. Laxguy

    Laxguy Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense.

    Dec 2, 2010
    Are there major differences between what Android can stream vs. iPhone/iPad?
  15. KyL416

    KyL416 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 10, 2005
    Tobyhanna, PA
    Right now Web, Android and iOS have the same list of channels.

    ESPN might be the real test because of the NFL's exclusive deal with Verizon Wireless for mobile rights, although if they limit the live streaming of ESPN to in home only and direct people to use WatchESPN for out of home it probably won't be a problem.
  16. Beerstalker

    Beerstalker Hall Of Fame

    Feb 9, 2009
    Peoria, IL
    I believe that would only impact ESPN working on cellular data, it shouldn't impact using it on WiFi.

    How does the DirecTV Sunday ticket app work? Can it stream games on cellular for all providers or only Verizon? I would think ESPN would be the same if it even has the restriction.
  17. KyL416

    KyL416 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 10, 2005
    Tobyhanna, PA
    Verizon Wireless only has the in market mobile phone rights to games (i.e. your local Fox and CBS games, Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football)

    WatchESPN, WatchABC (for the few ABC O&O's that carry local Monday Night Football games), Fox Sports Go, NFL Network Mobile and NBC Sports Live Extra have to black out NFL games on mobile phones but can offer them on tablets, laptops, game consoles and desktops and other devices.

    Out of market rights are with DirecTV so you can watch Sunday Ticket on any wireless carrier.
  18. KyL416

    KyL416 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 10, 2005
    Tobyhanna, PA
    The Viacom, Unvision and Turner Networks as well as Smithsonian and OWN are now available out of home

    The full list of new stations now available out of home:
    Comedy Central
    Cartoon Network
    TV Land
    UniMas West
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  19. cypherx

    cypherx Hall Of Fame

    Aug 27, 2010
    PA - Berks...
    How do you get streaming to work? I restarted my phone, also logged off and back into the directv account. It just says streaming is unavailable error 3100.

    iPhone 6 plus iOS 8.2
  20. cypherx

    cypherx Hall Of Fame

    Aug 27, 2010
    PA - Berks...
    I also tried on my iPad and it says update required but when you click update now it just takes you to the same version I already have in the iTunes Store, says "open" not update. When I go to the updates section there is no update available for the app.

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