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Directv has no EDS (Extended Data Service)

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by nothappy, Jul 17, 2002.

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  1. nothappy

    nothappy Guest

    How come my VCR doesnt automaticly set its time as it does if i use an off air antena or cable? I am not happy with directv at all.The picture is good but thats about it. I think wink really is stupid. I keep it disabled or else the `i` will get in the recording. I would turn wink on if it would set the time on my VCR clock .Guess im the only one out there that notices these things.PBS local stations carry the EDS embeded in the data stream like closed captions.Either directv doesnt get the EDS or the directv reciever dont have the capability of picking up the data. Federal law mandates that they must recieve the closed captioning, but other data is optional perhaps.
  2. Ray_Clum

    Ray_Clum Hall Of Fame

    Apr 22, 2002
    My VCR would only pick up the time off the EDS signal from OTA PBS. The VCR said that cable users or DBS users would have to manually set clock...
  3. nothappy

    nothappy Guest

    well thanks, guess that answers the question. Since Directv sends out highly compressed digital signals and XDS is for analog signals ,that explains it. Thats also why the weather channel on directv is lacking the crucial local data on the bottom of the screen thats present on cable. Cable companys obviously send out the weather channel in Analog wich is why the XDS is present on cable and not on directv. Remeber Directv is Digital quality, sort of a play on words,its not really digital though but its certainly compressed.You seem to be highly into religion as i see bible quotes at the buttom of many posts.Guess thats how you can deal with this annoying and very primative world we live in.
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