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DirecTV HD Questions....

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by AJ2086, Feb 11, 2006.

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  1. AJ2086

    AJ2086 Godfather

    Jun 1, 2002
    I am looking into buying an HD Television and I have a few questions regarding D* and their HD offerings.

    1) I have grandfathered distants for NBC, ABC, and Fox both east and west. Will I get the HD feeds as well or no?

    2) I am aware that D* is switching their HD conversion method and that a new HD DVR is coming out that will support this. Any news on this new receiver?

    3) Any new HD channels on the horizon? The D*'s HD offerings seems pretty anemic compared to others.
  2. CCarncross

    CCarncross Hall Of Fame

    Jul 19, 2005
    1. HD DNS is a different criteria and requires a different waiver....I think based on the current SHERVA or SHRIVA or whatever its called you shouldnt be getting east and west feeds anymore, just in your case east...

    2. I'm pretty confident all the info that is currently publicly available is pretty much what you see here..

    3. TNT-HD is launching in a week(s), there is a post about it around here somewhere. D* is keeping their possible new HD channels pretty close to the hip, whereas Charlie at E* tends to wear the announcements on his sleeve....

    Personally I'm pretty confident we will see a few new national HDs by spring, and of course another slew of local HDs lit up as well....
  3. pez2002

    pez2002 Hall Of Fame

    Dec 13, 2002
    go with cable for HD
  4. Steve Mehs

    Steve Mehs Hall Of Fame

    Mar 21, 2002
    Will they be in real HD or 'HD Lite'? While HD Lite is better then SD for sure, why would you splurge all that money on an HD set and get down rezed content. I was at a relative of mines house tonight. On Christmas I was drooling over football in HD on DirecTV, after seeing their HD on D* comparing it to the quality from TW, there is no comparison.
  5. kaysersoze

    kaysersoze Duplicate User (Account Closed)

    Feb 28, 2006
    1. Yes, if you have the waivers for SD they will tranfer to HD. Waivers for HD channels do not transfer to SD. You will most likely need to call to have them activated, if the rep tells you they can't add them ask to speak to tech tier 2 or crg.

    2. New hd-dvr out in june same software as r15

    3. LA distant networks are being moved to mpeg4, so this will allow for more mpeg2 for the short time. Eventually all HD will move over and the rate of channel growth will improve exponentialy.
  6. Earl Bonovich

    Earl Bonovich Lifetime Achiever

    Nov 15, 2005

    For #1: No, that is not true. The waives for the HD networks and the SD networks are different. They may or may not transfer. In most cases they do, but there have been plenty of reports of people that have had difficult.

    For #2: Yes and No... Same core software, but it will be different... because of the HD and some of the announced features that will be available for the HR20

    For #3: Where did you hear this one? LA currently has TWO set's of locals. One in MPEG-4 and one in MPEG-2.... But I have not heard of any discussion of the MPEG-2 being shut down, until the MPEG-4 cross over is complete.

    There are a lot of H10, and HR10 users out there that use the LA-MPEG-2 feed for their programming.

    It will happen someday, certainly... but probably by that time... MOST HD programming will be in the MPEG-4 spectrum.
  7. DCSholtis

    DCSholtis Up The Irons!

    Aug 7, 2002
    There is alot of discussion on AVSForums about D* shutting down the MPEG-2 LA Distants this summer.
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